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Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.

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Music, movies and games!

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on 08:13, Saturday 18 May, 2013.

Child Boards: Star Wars - The Old Republic, World of Warcraft
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Sketches to scripts, poems to paintings, show us here!

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Child Boards: Eldritch Care Unit (Sam), The Ghost Within (Clare), Miseries and Misfortunes (Jonathan)
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Does what it says on the title.

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These are run by club members at various times and locations.

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These are the ideas of things that yet may be...

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on 10:43, Wednesday 06 Sep, 2017.

Child Boards: Black Crusade (Rodge), C'Thulhu (Andy Mc), Esoterrorists / Marvel Super Heroes / 7th Sea (Notty), Land's End - D&D (Ben C), 'Make a game' game (Ben C), Shields Up (Todd), Werewolf (Colin), Wild West! (Andy)

The Archive

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on 19:19, Monday 14 Sep, 2015.

Child Boards: Serenity (Dan M), Barbarians of Lemuria (Chris), Urban Shadows: Wolfburg (Christoph), Ars Magica (Felicity)
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An experimental phase.

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in Reference Documents
on 17:06, Monday 09 Sep, 2019.

Child Boards: Prohibition (Simon E), White Hack, Star Wars: Novel Prospect (Adam), Wolfcote (Sam I), Deathwatch (Keith), Potter Revolution, France (Nick S), War of Ashes (Jonathan F), Los Angeles 1984 (Rob), The Unusual House of St Albans (Clare), Ravnica (Chris)
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Old enough to drink.

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on 23:20, Friday 20 Apr, 2018.

Child Boards: Dungeons & Dragons 5th (Glen), Don't Rest Your Head (Claire), Star Wars: A Death Sentence in at least 4 Game Systems (Adam), Discworld world 2 (Sam I), City of Mists (Jonathan F), Zweihander, Archeology in East Anglia (Sam I), Weird in San Francisco (Clare), Dungeon & Dragons 5th Ed. (Simon E), Farflung (Jonathan F)
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More editions than Call of Cthulhu.

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Child Boards: Cartel (Dag), Super Scion (Ben), Vampire West Midlands (Sam I.), WFRPG Beggars, Dragons!, Scion Skyrim, Call of Cthulhu Public Sector, Chrome Dystopia, Coriolis, Ben Game of Mystery (Ben), Seven Monks (D&D 5e) (Jim), Discworld World (Sam I), Symbaroum (Jonathan F), Blades in the Dark (Jonathan)
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7 archived boards, hanging on the wall.

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in No game on the 26th
on 18:35, Wednesday 21 Sep, 2016.

Child Boards: WHFRP Scion (Jon H), Fantasy (Jim), Shanghi 1920s (Rob), Dark Heresy (Dan M), The Inconceivable Nathan Grey (Adam), Tide of Blood (Colin), Midnight Circus (Ben), Feng Shui (Anna), Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Ed (James), Earthdawn: Age of Legends (Jon F), Star Wars Pius Dea (Chris), Planescape (Pete L / Richard), Wizard Wars (David), A tale of Clubs, Corsets, Cigars and Criminal capers in Victorian London (Nick S), The Circus (Clare), Numenera (Adam)
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Iteration XV

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Last post by Vertigo
in No game 24/8
on 17:18, Monday 24 Aug, 2015.

Child Boards: Stargazer (Pawel), The King is Dead (Ben), Mutant Year Zero (Jon), Bookhounds of London (Andy), WWII Commandos (Simon E), Feng Shui (Chris H), Ratkin (Colin), Ryutama (Jon F), Dark Sun (Pete L), Star Wars (Nick G), Technocracy (Sam I), One-Shots (Andy and Jenny), GURPS Indiana Jones (James), Dark Heresy Accelerated (Dag)
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Here we go again...

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Last post by Samantha
in Re: Jakki Stuff
on 22:24, Sunday 09 Nov, 2014.

Child Boards: 7th Sea - Notty, Agents of Swing - Jenny, Edge of Empire - Chris, Pathfinder - James, Trail of Cthulu - Andy, Five Cities (Pete), Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Dag), Legend of the Five Rings (Chris), Werewolf (Adam), Ananasi (Colin), In Nomine (Clare), Ryuutama (Jon F.), Scion (Jon H), Third Order (Pete)
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Lucky 13?

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Last post by Nick G
in Re: The story so far
on 19:47, Tuesday 26 Nov, 2013.

Child Boards: Third Order (Pete), Only War (Roger), Itras By - (Jon), Freemarket (Adam), Don't Rest Your Head (Jen), Blades of the Forgotten Ones (Raurie), Third Order (Pete), Rogue Trader - (Chris), Itras by - (Jon), Changeling - Seeds of Winter (Ben C), Airship Pirates - (Andy Mc), 3:16 - Carnage Amongst The Stars (Dag), Werewolf (Colin), Sabbat (V:TM) (Izzy), Monster of the Week (Adam), Laundry (Jen), Feng Shui - Blood of the Gilded Koi (Clare), Dragon Age (Dan), Ptolus (D&D 3.5) (Sam H)
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The recent past.

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Last post by Andy McD
in Re: Plot...
on 11:26, Wednesday 19 Dec, 2012.

Child Boards: Fantasy Victoriana, Vampire - 1920's America (Dan), Mass Effect 3ish (Pete C), Laundry (Jen), Diaspora (Jon), Honour & Intrigue (Chris), Dragon Age (Dave), Third order (Pete), Jen & Andy's One Shot Collection, Firefly (Dave), Deathwatch (Chris), Ars Magica: The Astrolabe of the Magi sea adventure (Anna), Ananasi: System Recovery (Ben) Jan 2012, Dungeon world (Adam) Jan 2012, Five cities (Pete L) Sept 2011/Jan 2012, Skaven (Dan A) Jan 2012, Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire (Nick G) Jan 2012, Vampire: Anniversary edition (Sam H) Jan 2012, Star Wars - The Long Road (Ben) (August 2010)
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The not so recent past.

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Last post by BenC
in Re: the future?
on 19:16, Monday 26 Nov, 2012.

Child Boards: Apocolypse World (Dag), Dragon Warriors (Nick W), Feng Shui (Clare), Mages of the Caribbean! (Sam H), Mass Effect - Piercing the Veil (Pete C), Mouseguard (Jon), Rogue Trader (Chris) June 2011, Mafia (Andy Mc) June 2011, In Nomine: Raising Hell (Ben C) June 2011, Deadlands (Dave) June 2011, C'thulhu - (Nick S) June 2011, Lady Blackbird (Jon) Feb - June 2011, Paranoia: Internal Security (Chris) Feb - June 2011, Purgatorio (Ben C) Feb - June 2011, Vampire the Masquerade (Sam I) Feb - June 2011, Decendants: Blood of Heroes - Scar (Jim) (Oct 2010 - Feb 2011), Steampunk: The Curious Happenstance of Doktor Schroedinger (Ben C) (Oct 2010 - Feb 2011), Third Order (Pete) (Oct 2010 - Feb 2011), Vampire: Dark Ages (Sam H) (Oct 2010 - Feb 2011)
No New Posts 2010

Of that which has come before, and may yet again.

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Last post by Samantha
in Re: Setting notes
on 17:45, Wednesday 27 Oct, 2010.

Child Boards: Cataclysm (Sam) (Jan - April 2010), D&D (3.5) (Notty) (Jan - April 2010), Third Order (Pete) (Jan - April 2010), Toon (Joe) (Jan - April 2010), Diaspora (Jon) (April - July 2010), Feng Shui (Chris) (April - June 2010), Star Trek (Sam I) (April - July 2010), En Garde! France 1622 (Jim) (June - Aug 2010), Mage: The Ascension (Sam H) (April - July 2010), Serenity / Firefly (Dave) (May - July 2010), Star Wars (Dan?) (?), Call of Cthulu (Andy) (July - Oct 2010), Guild of Thieves: The Heist (Nick W) (July - Oct 2010), L'Undone (Wraith) (Ben C) (July - Oct 2010), Mouseguard (Jon) (July - Oct 2010), Third Order (Pete) (July - Oct 2010)
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