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Title: The Gathering 1111 (26th-29th aug)
Post by: Rose on 12:03, Tuesday 02 Aug, 2011.
The Gathering 2011

The Gathering 2011
When: The August Bank Holiday Weekend,
Friday 26th August - Monday 29th August 2011.
Event Hosts: Jackals
All Factions and Guilds are formally invited to attend at the Hanging Gardens near Babylon
The Gathering is the Lorien Trust’s biggest event of the summer season. Faction and Guild plots, politics, trading, merriment, rituals, skirmishes, monsters and so much more.. As well as a number of mass skirmishes and epic battles.
Many long years of history has now been passed, including diverse conflicts of interest, near end of world disasters and minor land disputes. The Gathering Treaty and various pacts has managed to keep the Heartland Nations together, sometimes only by a thread, but they have still held.
The  Gathering of 2011 (1111A.F.) will be held near Babylon in the grand ‘Hanging Gardens’ where the wellspring of spirit has been located. Past Gathering themes have included the Underdark Cavern in 1999, the Pyramid in 2000, the Ice Cavern in 2001, the Gothic Tower in 2002, the Lava Lake in 2003, the Cathedral in 2004, the Lantian Villa in 2005, the Dragon’s Cave at Helenia in 2006, the Dwarven forges near to Igneous in 2007, the Great Library of Norhault in 2008, the Temple of Solitude in 2009 and  the Ziggurat of  Tenkswatawa in 2010.
This year will be no exception; we are working hard and hope to have some great surprises to make The Gathering 1111A.F another event to remember.
All Lorien Trust main events are being held at:
Locko Park, Locko Road, Spondon, Derbyshire. DE21 7BW.
 (Maps and co-ordinates will soon be  available from our new website
and some events may be A.A. signposted)
Site Facilities: Camping areas, car parking, toilets in blocks and tardis types, showers, water stand pipes, a range of caterers, a large bar, a LRP related traders market, the LT shop, helpful event staff and 24 hour cover by Event Support staff during the whole event to cover any maintenance, first aid or security issues.

Game Facilities: Game Control/information point, LRP weapons/armour checking, game referees, themed Ritual Circle (except The Great Erdrejan Fayre), special effects,  themed plot location, interactive game world plots, large skirmishes and battles, various competitions, Factions, Guilds, NPC’s, monsters,  in-game casino, Children’s (plots, activities & adventures).

Arriving early for an event: You may wish to arrive on the Thursday for an event to set up camp and prepare for the event.
Please see article on page 10 (Early arrivals).
Title: Re: The Gathering 1111 (26th-29th aug)
Post by: Anrawel on 10:53, Friday 05 Aug, 2011.
Thanks, this looked interesting but registration had already closed. Maybe the next one as I can bring Miriam  :)
Title: Re: The Gathering 1111 (26th-29th aug)
Post by: Rodge on 00:29, Monday 08 Aug, 2011.
You don't have to pre-book, you can pay on the gate.
Title: Re: The Gathering 1111 (26th-29th aug)
Post by: Rose on 15:59, Monday 08 Aug, 2011.
But paying on the gate costs alot more and you dont get the new player bonuses
Title: Re: The Gathering 1111 (26th-29th aug)
Post by: Rodge on 00:52, Tuesday 09 Aug, 2011.