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Title: Jakki Stuff
Post by: Samantha on 20:17, Sunday 01 Jun, 2014.
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Title: Re: Jakki Stuff
Post by: Pierced on 15:34, Thursday 05 Jun, 2014.
My favourite!  <3
Title: Re: Jakki Stuff
Post by: Samantha on 15:25, Monday 09 Jun, 2014.
I was hoping to write up the story so far, but I've not managed to sit down and do that yet.
This is what I have, from last week, at least:

Well, we went and had a chat with Thor, as he'd asked us a favour-
Loz did most of the talking.
Then we met Ra, who I didn't get to speak to, unfortunately-
He asked us to check out a malign aura in the stratosphere tower.
So we went to the casino, and Christoph (Tony Stark) just waved money at the staff til they let us through everywhere.
Then Rob did some sneaky stuff, which I stood guard for, and Anna had a nap.
And it turns out there's some cultist types up to no good-
So our sneak and techy types set up some cameras, while I suggested we just wait nearby and jump them when they turn up.
We retire to a suite a couple of floors down, to watch and wait.
At 3am, about 30 cultists have gathered, and they have a naked young woman with them. Rob has already stolen a ritual knife he found earlier. The guys decide that since we have their knife, they can't kill her. Anna is awake and agrees with me in going to stop them.
Heh, how did that go?
Got to assume that while you guys had the knife, they probably would improvise?
There was a kitchen next door. I started towards the lift. As did Anna. The rest were busy deciding if they should go show the evidence to Ra.
After we left, the rest of the party had a smack with the morality stick, and quickly followed.
Arriving at the hall, I bolt down the corridor, having donned my Anubis armour already- and apparently the door was locked. Which just meant that it splintered as I threw it open.
(Aragorn would have been proud of the door slamming.  )
At the sound, the assembly turn around, to see as Jon put it "A very pissed off Death God in the broken doorway"- and half of them faint on sight.
(Oh yeah!)
So that's 15 down.
The priest at the altar has been skinning the girl alive, starting from the feet-
She's still out of her head on whatever they've drugged her with, but she's bleeding a lot, and isn't looking great.
I get mobbed by a handful of the bravest / closest suspicious robed types, while Loz goes for the priest. Anna goes for the girl. Christoph opens fire and hoses the room.
Someone hits me over the head with a wine bottle, which shatters on my mask- and does nothing but attract my attention. That guy is then backhanded across the room.
Anna manages to get to the girl, and starts working with healing waters to stabilise her-
While the priest runs into the back room to escape from the fight.
A massive rumble goes through the building, and more of the minions scatter-
Loz chases the priest and corners him in the back office, demanding what's going on, and for him to surrender-
He falls over his words and says something about "you can't do this-"
And then the room explodes.
Loz is thrown backwards, back into the room with us, and the whole place shakes again-
Fortunately everyone still present has great balance, and simply surfs the impact, while the rest of the cult fall over/get hit with debris.
The explosion wasn't a bomb, but a giant snake's head bursting through the wall/floor of the room-
It's huge and black, like a boa, but with a cobra's hood- and it's gaze settles firmly on Loz-
The end! Dun dun dun!
Tune in next week!
Bring it on.
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Post by: Rodge on 00:27, Tuesday 10 Jun, 2014.
Silly snake, thought it could win....
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Post by: Samantha on 09:57, Wednesday 11 Jun, 2014.
Deadpool on snakes:
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Post by: Rodge on 00:03, Friday 13 Jun, 2014.
Title: Re: Jakki Stuff
Post by: Samantha on 22:24, Sunday 09 Nov, 2014.