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A Welcome to Juan
« on: 17:56, Tuesday 06 Jul, 2010. »
Juan C'Amore,

May I extend a welcome to you as the first in what is hoped to be a new wave of arrivals in Paris. Although only a recent newcomer to the Parisian scene myself, may I vouch for the convivial company that is to be had in the city. I do hope that an opportunity will soon present itself for us to become better acquainted.

Until then, bonne chance a Paris!


Louis CdD
Gentleman of Nantes
3rd Officer, Le Cochon Noir

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Re: A Welcome to Juan
« Reply #1 on: 12:17, Thursday 08 Jul, 2010. »
I thank you, monsieur, for your kind welcome to this fair city. Ah, Paris in spring, is there any sight finer? And the ladies - I would swear I never saw lovelier, even in the lands of my native Spain. By the Lord, it is indeed a marvellous time to be alive!
As soon as I have found myself suitable lodgings, I hope I may have the pleasure of raising a glass or two with your good self, monsieur.
Until then I am, sir, your obedient servant,
Juan C'Amore
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Re: A Welcome to Juan
« Reply #2 on: 17:11, Monday 12 Jul, 2010. »
May I also extend this short note of welcome to Matthias de Mer and Remy de Mauvais, salutations, gentlemen!