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I made a swan!
Ok, so it's only very small, as it was for the banner, but I quite like it, so I'll probably make it bigger.

I've seen Jon sketching all over various bits of paper, (mostly Liam's character sheet, I admit).
Sam and Corinne both write, and I know Rose and Clare are into jewellery, among other things-
So I wondered how many other people around here have a creative streak?

As a group of roleplayers, there is a lot of imagination around here.
I'm curious therefore as to if anyone puts it to any other use?
Whether you write stories, poetry, or songs?
If you make your own jewellery, clothes, sculptures?

It's no secret, I love pictures.
Sketches, paintings, photos-
Things to look at are good.
As such, I'm poking this at you guys-
Feel free to post your own!

Cant attach anything as there isnt an option to. I dont have image hosting so i cant link to the URL of an image via there instead either :(

I have re-enabled attachments.

Image hosting is quite easy, something like PhotoBucket or Imageshack are free and fairly simple to use.

Behold my artistic glory from at least a year ago at work during lunch


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