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So, apart from Battlestar Galactica & Pegasus Expansion, what else do you guys play?

have to admit you know pretty much all the ones i play, i've been trying to get into the boardgamegeek website to ferret a few other ideas out, but either me or it are woefully easily distracted. if only they set it out like tv tropes....
so, yeah - current thoughts are either galaxy truckers or gloom, if anyone's played them would be grateful for feedback?

Gloom's worth a giggle, but last time we tried to play, Peter insisted on having all the expansions in-
And it got rather complicated.  ::)
It has a cute if slightly morbid sense of humour, and making other peoples families happy is fun!  ;)
A good looking game at least, the artwork style is funky.
The transparent cards are cool, but can be a little hard to see through some times.

Arabian Nights was fun, would play it again.  :)

Andy McD:
Well from the games I can remember

Good old monopoly, atmosphere I still have the video must convert it to a dvd. Axis and Allies think risk meets Monopoly... Zombies! how can I forget that. Condottiere, Doom and Arkham horror are a few I own.

Played ooh a few I can remember, Memoir 44 a nice 2 player WW2 game. Android a... wtf game.  Not really a board game but Wings of War.

You know me, anything and everything. You really dont want me to get started on the entire list of what I've played, what I liked etc. Last time I did that on a forum I think it was several pages.  :o


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