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E.P.C.A (Extraordinary Persons Control Agency)


John H:
Create your own character, design every intricate detail of their super power, provide a rich background and you're ready to play.

John H:
Charged with regulating and controlling those with special abilities,  a government funded organisation called E.P.C.A determines the future of powerful individuals, deciding the fate of those who misuse their abilities, cleaning up situations instigated by misused powers, and training people to control their abilities, they act as an enforcement to protect the public opinion of these extraordinary persons, keeping them safe.
E.P.C.A employ a number of extraordinary individuals to give themselves a fighting chance against their more powerful targets, but they also have trained response teams who do not use powers.
The have money, bio tech, and a secure spy network behind them.
They work closely with the Althorp Academy and the Crime Syndicate, but are trying to shut down Dekanli operations
Should you join E.P.C.A your job will be to form a unit and regulate the extraoridanry persons (E.P's) within your local area. You will be given bonus contacts and an increased spy network to help you. Any E.P's that are out of control, or too powerful are to be transported to Nonsuch Island, Bermuda where they are to be contained.

Althorp Academy
The Academy works closely with E.P.C.A, often training some of the young, out of control targets, and training up the next generation of E.P.C.A field officers.
Although they are linked to E.P.C.A, the academy do not share their views of controlling the E.P community. They believe that E.P's should be judged on their actions like everybody else, not their dangerous potential due to the nature of their power. They believe that all powers can be controlled and harnessed for the use of good with enough training. This difference in opinion often leads them to secretly aiding the Dekanli against E.P.C.A. They have no known ties to the Crime Syndicate.
Should you join the Academy you will have access to the best training in your ability, and when you have mastered you power, you will be charged with passing on knowledge to your students if you decide to teach, or you may join the ranks of E.P.C.A. Whilst at the academy your power advantages will be cheaper to buy.


The Dekanli are E.P's who are fighting for the rights of the extraordinary persons comunity. Many are ex E.P.C.A agents or E.P's who have been wronged by E.P.C.A. Most of the Dekanli are on the E.P.C.A most wanted list, or are listed as terrorists.
The Dekanli are in close relations with the Crime Syndicate and the Althorp Academy, who aid them in their mission to take down E.P.C.A.
As a member of the Dekanli your main aim will be to take down E.P.C.A's database on E.P's and do whatever it takes to free and protect those who are victimised purely because of the nature of their power. You will gain bonus contacts and an increased spy network in order to infiltrate E.P.C.A and take them down.

Crime Syndicate

The Crime Syndicate is made up of E.P's who have found a way to use their abilities to give themselves an advantage in life. Often on the wrong side of the law, the Syndicate will ally with or cross anyone they have to in order to get ahead.
They have links with E.P.C.A, the Althorp Academy and  the Dekanli, but they have also been at odds with each of them as well.
The Syndicate hide behind many well known major companies and corporations across the globe.
As a member of the Crime Syndicate you will have access to information, weapons and money. You will gain bonus contacts and wealth.


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