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I shall, assuming no disagreements, post any announcementy things here, probably cross-posted from the Yahoo! group.

Ownership of the Swan continues to be tumultuous. Adam, extremely friendly and wonderful Scot spy has disappeared, apparently forever. For an interim, we have a nice gent named, I believe, Lewis. He should only be there a week or so, while they look for somebody else.

Unless sudden renovation occurs, I would be surprised if we had to move soon. But for the long term, I have no idea. I'm sure we'll find somewhere. More news as it appears.

...and food is not available at present as we found out, but Lewis did allow us to order a Chinese takeaway instead.

And a very nice Chinese takeaway it was too.
After they understood that it was indeed the pub that they should deliver it to.

Update! Well, kinda. No change currently, Lewis is still running the Swan on an interim process. Next week? Who knows!

In event of emergency (pub closed), go to the Garabaldi, as they showed somewhat positive feeling in the past.


The saga continues. We now a gentleman called Paul. An enigma so far (mostly), he is happy with us being there, although we may have to move to front in 6 months to a year as he plans to install a carvery at the back. As is implied, he believes he will be there some time. Good luck to our Lord of the Land!


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