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Re: Club News
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Welcome, new games, and their players, to the year 2018! A year which we can all stop pretending isn't just 2010 with a corset on around the nought.  A year of us all running Dungeons and Dragons, more or less: -

Ben – StarFinder – My incredibly thorough research tells me this is just an off brand Spelljammer, so D&D. Also your captain is a 5 month old baby, from my scan of Ben's description.
Adam – Star Wars – Two of the systems I plan on using are basically D&D. The theme tune is a lyric swap of Electric Dreams for Dark Times Dreams.
Claire - Don't Rest Your Head – A game of not pulling your own head off, I believe, the subtitle originally being “from your shoulders”. Basically bunch of wizards that get their spells back by not sleeping. QED, D&D.
Glen – Dungeons & Dragons 5th – And here my whole argument falls apart. What a fool I was. Though, having seen Glen's publication history, I recommend that the characters not pass through any doors. Or openings of any kind. Probably best not move at all.

I have heard rumours of the Felicity's Ars Magica returning, but only rumours. Also Jon = who knows.

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Re: Club News
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It's horror season for change-over at the club tomorrow! Not horror games, necessarily, but the burning face will scream more light and painful fire upon us in the coming months than normal. Which I find horrifying.
So, having run my last game in 8 systems over 17 sessions, I now obviously know everything about all RPG systems. So I shall share some of this wisdom with the games that might be pitched tomorrow :-

Jon - City of Mist - This noir myths game really needs to embrace its unique idea. Not only should all attempts at ranged combat automatically fail (as is currently the case), all attempts to do anything at all should also not succeed. Like to persuade that sort of wolf? She slaps you. Say that your character walks down the street? They fly directly upwards. The only way to achieve should be to not try to achieve. Oh wait, it's Mist, not Missed? I stand by my points.
Sam I - Discworld World - Now, what we really to bring out here is the terrifying metaphors hidden in the Discworld works, hidden behind a thin facade of humour. So give XP only if the character makes a humorous statement that reveals on analysis a deep truth about a player. Any player.  Keep the folded pamphlet character sheet, but make it circular to represent the world, and require it to be folded into thirds equally, to represent its impossibility. If any player folds into sixths, tell them they are only seeing half of what's really going on here.
Glen - Blades in the Dark - A game of rogues in the shadows, eh? Let's add a bit of quantum here, I think. If these characters truly hide, let them hide from their puppet masters also. Keep it the same, but you can only ever know one stat, move, quirk of your character. If you wish to know another quality, you may roll one of the stats you don't know to find out. And the previous trait changes if you find out the value of another, obviously.
Sean - Star Wars - Oh, I don't know.

Sean provides our required level of uncertainty this week, by his game having an unknown number of pre-picked players. Anywhere from none to all the potential spaces. Mystery! Risk!

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Re: Club News
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Hello Stalbans rpg group

I'd like to come along and take part in a game with your groups.

Could you tell me when you are having a new "kick off" for any games please?

Many thanks and best regards