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The Lay of the Land
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Once, a thousand years ago the Golems held dominion over men, enslaving them to do their bidding. The first men fought their captors however, and with the aid of Usion, the Arcane Lord, defeated them and pushed them back to their northern homeland. Today the mark of the Golems is still everywhere on the land, from the arcane-wrought metal road leading to Leron's Pit, to the Black Road which is the main trade route between the North and South; all the way to the frozen deathly tower of Frostpeak. For the most part the Golems have remained in the north and the Lands of the Five Cities have endured centuries of peace.

All of the land from the deserts of the Deadlands to the barren tundra that lies below the Vale of Scars is claimed by man. The land south of the Braiden Hills is the domain of the Five Cities, bounded by the Western Ocean and the Verge Mountains in the east. Beyond these boundaries the savage world stretches in all directions. To the east, beyond the mountains, lie vast forests filled with dangerous beasts. The south holds no shelter for man, being a vast desert and the grave of many an explorer. To the west the ocean stretches to the edge of the world with only the great grey crags of the Jagged Sea beyond Five City territory. The far north is a place where no men venture. Beyond the Vale of Scars, a stretch of impassable chasms, lies the land of the Golems.
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