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The 4th Stryke Campaigns are in full swing. The troops of noble households from Northaven, Blackbridge and Ondsmouth are arrayed in the field against the Verger Clans. The mountain clansmen have once again strayed too far into Five Cities territory and the old alliance has woken. Reports come in every day of the skirmishes raging in the foothills to the east. In this time of war finding reliable work has become a dangerous endeavour for the common folk. The woods around Blackbridge have seen an increase in bandits and highwaymen and fewer people wish to venture beyond the city walls. With the majority of Blackbridge soldiers and journeymen serving in the Stryke Campaigns the Guilds have had to turn to other individuals to fulfill their order books.

One such institution is the Sappers Guild. Never a highly populated group at their peak, the skills their journeymen possess are in high demand with the Campaigns. Consequently their numbers are dwindled and the few Guildsmen remaining within their walls have had to turn to the apprentice population to take up the slack. Recently Hartwin Axbridge, head of the Sappers Guild, has placed a posting in every tavern in Blackbridge. The letter asks for any capable citizens to come to the Sappers Guild to undertake an incredibly important delivery. Hartwin Axbridge has just completed a special request from an old patron of the Guild, Baldr Aldson.

***Below are summaries for the sessions in each Act. I plan to write this up as an adventure module or short story (or both) at some point soon so bullet points at the moment.***

Our team shapes up a bit like this:

Sam:          Aisha          Satorian air elementalist - sort of         (Universal/Dry Hills/Magical - Untrained)
Rael:          Valmir         Ondsider engineer - ex-miner               (Mental/Ondside/Craftsman)
Paul:          Felix            Northern wilderness guide                   (Social/Braiden Hills/Traveller)
Simon:       Tobias         Adventure seeking caravan guard        (Universal/North Stryke/Warrior)

The game is going to start in Blackbridge. More details to follow.

We gained an additional character in episode 2:

Simon:       Jerico          Charming cartwright and merchant      (Social/Ferside/Merchant)

(found face down in a puddle)
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Campaign Act 1: Sappers Guild Mission
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Journey Begins
•   Welcome to Blackbridge – the 4th Stryke Campaign is on in the North East
•   Sappers Guild have a job on – work is scarce so PCs are very interested
•   Players and some NPC’s hired to take strange box to Baldr Aldson in woods
•   Journey through inner city, peasants quarters and refugee camp (outside)
•   Travel with Sapper Guildmaster Albert and a group of mercenaries.
•   Head up the Red Deer Trail – Felix knows the way
•   Attacked by bandits on the road – how unexpected! Valmir injured. Merc killed.

Red Deer Trail
•   Recuperate from attack – sleep the night
•   Find fallen cartwright Jerico by the roadside – he was deceived by his own guards
•   Aisha senses magic in and around the area –> animist and astropath ‘flavours’
•   Can sense that an astropath is within a days travel to the east – bandit camp?
•   Heading for ‘the lodge’ –> old crumbling building on the trail
•   In the night attacked again by bandits! Jerico goes a bit crazy. Aisha shields from arrows.
•   One bandit carrying an astropath imbued crystal – Tobias gets a Scalemail Shirt!

Haunted Forest
•   Reaching areas at the limit of Felix’s geographical experience.
•   Strange animals staring at the group on either side of the trail – animist magic?
•   Tobias sees fleeting ghostly images – the party halt to investigate
•   More ghosts are seen ahead on the road – Aisha senses a power in the earth
•   Ghosts seem to be re-living their final moments –> some turning into spectral Risen
•   Astropath Razer (friend of Aldson) blinks into camp and says he’ll investigate
•   Earth Elementalist Garrett appears an hour later, after Aisha ‘hears’ Razer die

Castle Aldson
•   Push on past ghosts and meet castle lumberjacks at the head of the trail
•   Make way to Castle Aldson –> large keep with retaining wall & small village
•   Head to the tavern and await Aldson –> friendly, inquisitive middle aged man
•   Aldson pays the party for their delivery –> Albert and mercenaries return to Blackbridge
•   Aldson asks the party to explore the catacomb beneath his castle –> find Razer?
•   Turns out the box contains key to a large underground door –  Jerico constructs a landraft
•   The group are lowered into the ground onto a newly discovered Golem Road….

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Campaign Act 2: Beneath Aldson's Castle
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Turning the Key
•   The road sits inside a well built tunnel which slopes slightly down
•   The landraft is put together on the roads metal rails and Aisha summons wind to push it
•   In a large chamber the group come across a huge metallic door with a keyhole in the centre
•   Using the key the door opens smoothly and slides into a recess in the wall – too quiet for such a large door?
•   The road slopes down into darkness and the party realise they are very deep underground now
•   In places the earth surrounding the tunnel has crumbled away and exposed the track to vast caverns

Golem Road
•   Cavern 1: Simple collapse around the road
•   Cavern 2: Corkscrew like descent in road and blue crystal spotted in ceiling to the right
•   Investigation reveals a giant tree growing beneath a blue liquid dripping from the crystal
•   Aisha senses magic around – more crystals – blue fluid heals miraculously!
•   3 dark ochre sacks of fluid are found – Risen burst from them and attack! Fire defeats them.
•   A large blue glowing crystal egg of healing fluid is extracted and put on the landraft.
•   Cavern 3: Rail continues above a huge chasm. Beams of Tillium stretch off into the distance.
•   Each beam holds many ochre sacks. As the party enter they burst and Risen flood out.
•   The party escapes towards cavern 4 with Garrett collapsing the tunnel behind them

Forever Forest
•   Cavern 4: Vast underground cavern filled with a forest. Blue fluid lake to one side.
•   The artefact is sensed in the cavern and the party descend on ropes to explore.
•   Animals seen in the woods and a man that speaks an ancient tongue – could he be a Prima?
•   The middle of the lake holds a blue crystal island – inside a fracture is a woman – a magi.
•   The party wade across the lake, getting younger as they do so, to reach the lake.
•   The woman inside is chanting. Aisha has visions. Felix feels he is in the presence of a goddess.
•   Ghosts appear again! The party struggle through to the artefact.
•   The Form of Life is a tall cylindrical shaped crystalline structure in a column of light.

Sudden Surge
•   Grabbing the Form of Life causes the magical bubble holding the caverns in place to collapse.
•   Suddenly the ceiling erupts and ochre sacks dispense many dozens of Risen into the room
•   The party race back to the landraft – Tobias valiantly fighting the Risen as the other climb
•   With all back on the landraft Aisha summons the wind again to get the thing moving
•   They leave cavern 4 as the whole ceiling collapses – pressure wave pushes them up the tunnel.
•   Pass back through the other chambers – mowing down Risen and racing to get back before full collapse
•   The party get back and ascend to the surface in time to see the hills around collapse and Aldson’s castle crumble into a massive ravine!