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Amy makes amazing brownies.
Rose bakes cookies, cakes, and other yummy things.
Dave mentioned something about Sam and sweet potatoes.
Chris said someone made him a Guitar Hero cake?

Who likes to make food, and do you have any favourite recipes or tips for the rest of us?

why thank you! all brownie credit must go to my uni housemate clare who only agreed to give me the recipe when dead drunk. worth every penny of gin i spent!
i think it was mostly sam was mentioning sweet potatoes. repeatedly ;)
sweet potato and parsnip mash is a firm favourite of mine. good comfort food. i suspect dave would call it the spawn of a nameless god ;)
guitar hero cake? is such a thing possible?

Oh goodness yes. It was both awesomely huge and hugely awesome - a cake shaped like a guitar hero controller. I was very happy that year :).

Sam makes good omelette.
Spag-Bol was pretty good too. :)

tried a hot thai noodle salad the other night to go with some king prawn burgers, it was alright, but has anyone got any suggestions how to beef it up - it ended up a little insipid.


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