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Remove the salad and add some meat?

helpful there, ian

have promised at least two people now my curry recipe. it's dirt easy, and thus has about as authentic indian roots as i do. please bear in mind this is my memory of the recipe and may well change a bit  when i've a chance to consult the hard copy. serves 3-4

meat - chicken or lamb work best, cut into cubes/fingers
onion, cut up however you like
curry powder (I use about 1 heaped tablespoon per person, tastes may vary)
3-4 tbsp tomato puree
2 tsp lemon juice
1/4-1/2 pt stock (veg or chicken for preference)
small pot natural yoghurt
red pepper/ any other veg you want to add (quiet, ian)

all happens in one pot, so if you start frying stuff off in a frying pan, either make sure it's deep enough for all the liquid, or be prepared for a lot of washing up.

fry the onion off in oil until it's starting to go clear, then add the meat. Wait til the meat's sealed, add any veg that needs frying – peppers/tomatoes etc, then add the curry powder for about two minutes, stirring so that everything in the pan is coated fairly evenly. It may stick a bit at this stage, but keep stirring as best you can. You should get a nice rich coating over everything as the remaining oil and meat juices mixes with the powder. Next add the tomato puree, mix it round briefly, then add the stock and the yoghurt. At this point it will all be looking a bit odd, given that yoghurt and water don’t naturally mix, but give it a big stir until it’s all homogenous (you’re aiming for suspended mini-droplets of yoghurt in the stock, you’ll see what i mean when you do it). Get it to a good simmer and leave to thicken up until you’re ready to eat – about 15-20 mins usually does it.
The recipe is fairly fluid , i’ve used cream instead of yoghurt or a combination of the two or indeed coconut milk, and removing some of the liquid from the stock (more concentrated) means it’s ready in a shorter time or can change the balance of flavours in the curry, depending on what you’re after.
The curry powder i usually use is a bog-standard tikka spice powder, but have done it with schwartz’s curry powder, garam masala and a few others, which understandably changes the taste. have also done an all-veggie one, which worked well.

[edited to include the lemon juice, fairly optional]
Okay, that’s about it, will double-check my spellbook at home, but think i’ve got everything down. If you try it, let me know how it turns out?


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