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Story so far
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The first outing of our newly formed posse was to try and start up trouble between the Columbians and the Russians. We recruited a couple of Russian-looking eastern European patsies and taking them with us along with a traitor Capo who we used to get us entry to the Columbian dock warehouse. Once inside we played along with being new security guards who defected from the family.

Under the pretense of pretending to drop of his stuff Fonz went to the staff room with his bag leaving the others outside, once there he unloaded a full clip into the 3 unsuspecting security guards from his AK47. Upon hearing the gunfire Ribeana shot the guard in the security booth and picked up his MP5 and gunned down the patsies with the columbian's weapon. Sean proceded to take the traitor capo's head off with shot from a .45.

Fonz procedes to gun down the remaining security guards and any non-compliant dock workers. Once the warehouse was secured we put the remaining workers to work throwing the crates of drugs into the sea. After the narcotics were into the sea we asked them to line up against the wall with their hands up in exchange for letting them live. Ok, we lied.... Fonz proceded to gun them all down in the back.

After taking all cell phones and planting our russian weapons on the patsies we made our escape, leaving the scene looking like a major ruck between the columbians and the russians.

To be continued...
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