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At least some of you have met Jules over the years, he's having a clearout and looking to sell some rp books, listed below. if anyone's interested, or has any questions, let me know!  :)

1920s Investigator's Companion £5
The Keeper's Companion £5
Adventures in Arkham Country £5
The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep £10
Mortal Coils £5
The Unspeakable Oath (Issue 16/17) £2
The Black Seal (Issue 1) £2
The Black Seal (Issue 2) £2
The Black Seal (Issue 3) £2

Blue Planet Moderator's Guide £10
Blue Planet Player's Guide £10
First Colony £5
Fluid Mechanics £5
Frontier Justice £5
Natural Selection £5

Unknown Armies £10
Break Today £5
To Go £5

PARANOIA (aka Paranoia XP) £10
Game Master's Screen and Mandatory Fun Enforcement Pack £5
WMD £5
The Traitor's Manual £5

Jovian Chronicles RPG Player's Handbook £10

Nobilis (2nd edition) £20

Player's Handbook £10
Dungeon Master's Guide £10

Legend of the Five Rings (Third Edition) £10

My Life with Master £2

Now I wouldn't mind My Life with Master for £2. Could I please reserve if not already taken?

(Also, although I already have all the D&D I need, which edition that is might matter to people)

I would quite like to reserve Nobilis, although it might have to wait until after payday!

Please put me down for the Jovian Chronicles (if it hasn't already gone).

What are the shipping costs?  ;)

I can bring the cash tonight if the book can be there too....

i'll be seeing jules on wed so can pick up books then, meaning it's likely to be next monday before i bring them in. hope that's okay with everyone?


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