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Hey everyone!

The forums are currently hosted on my old shared hosting plan.  Because it was paid annually, it hasn't been costing me anything extra.  However, in October my yearly subscription expires and I don't actually use this hosting for anything else.  As such, I will be moving these boards to my new server.

What This Means
[*]At some point in September, there will be a few hours of downtime while I move everything.
[*]We won't lose any content and your login will continue to work.
[*]The address will most likely change to stalbans.talnivarr.eu temporarily.
[*]It may take up to 48 hours for the .co.uk domain to propagate to the new server.

It'll most likely be on a weekend, but I'm not sure when exactly.  Some time between now and the end of September.  When I do it, I'll replace the site with a simple page explaining what is happening.  If there are any specific days that would be bad, let me know and I can avoid them.

At some point I also need to upgrade the forum software here.  But that isn't urgent and probably won't happen at the same time.

For anyone who cares, the new server is a VPS that I already use for our WoW forums and voice server.  It's a Win 2008 R2 x64 box with 2GB dedicated RAM, 60GB storage and 2TB monthly bandwidth, running IIS7 and MySQL.  In short, it's faster and more reliable and it gives me a lot more flexibility on the backend.

And on a related topic, we have a lot more resources than we'll ever use on the new server so I'm happy to help with hosting forums or similar if anyone has a requirement :) .

I also do weddings.

Todd is made of win.

Thought I'd get this done today but my DNS control panel is down, which is odd since the actual server is responding fine.  I reverted everything for now (sigh) but it means about 75% of it is in place and ready.  So it should be pretty quick once I get the DNS stuff resolved.  That's a hilarious pun by the way.

Sorry, SQL lost a bunch of posts in the move which I only just noticed.  I did it again and I think it is all okay now (and nobody had posted except me so nothing lost).

Also fixed the issue with £ and some other characters not showing up correctly.



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