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Crafty Stuff Day!

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Having a vaguely productive day (hopefully) tomorrow.
Plan to be making some LARP-ish costume / prop type things in the garden.

Apparently potential garden-fire-grill-cooked-meat-and-other-food, weather and so on permitting.
Bring making stuff materials and/or food and things.


Pete and I might be there. Trying to negotiate Hex time but as Ben has ofstead on monday it's being tricky as he has lots of work to do. I would rather not inflict Hex on everyone as she is horrible at the moment but not sure how to work life out so everyone gets what they want x

Not sure what time stuff is planned to be going on.
Mostly this afternoon at a guess.

Rose and I need to go to the bank.
Will post on here when we're back.

Went to bank.
Also went to Sainsburys and bought assorted bread / meat based things.
Feel free to arrive at somepoint today.

I am hoping against hope that come 3pm we shall be fweeeeeeeeeeeeee. Just got to see how much work Ben has managed to do bless him.

So hopefully see you soon. I want to come, I don't get to see you much unless it's a thursday :( I have packed my knitting all ready to be crafty :D xxx


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