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Player Characters:


Gunlugger - Ambiguous, dressed in scrounged, mismatched armour(complete with priest's dog collar), with a bony face, cunning eyes and a stringy body. Carries enough hardware to demolish most neighbourhoods. Based in a Hatfield high-rise.

Chopper - Male, dressed in combat biker wear, with a weathered face, calculating eyes and a sturdy body. Drives a loud monster of a bike.
Based on College Lane campus with his gang of savage lawmen.

Weaver Bird
Hocus, Travelling Singer - Man dressed in tattered vestments, with a dirty face, dazed eyes and a bony body, smelling of whiskey. Leads his small group of hard-working, hard-drinking,  loyal followers through the South-East, trying to convince the world of the promised lands beyond the Western Ocean.

Non-player Characters

Monk - Hammer's grizzled right-hand man.
T-Bone - One of Hammer's patrol leaders - Shot by Hammer for insubordination
Hooch - Second in command in T-Bone's patrol. Recently promoted
Diamond Hammer's chief tax collector.
Baby - Hammer's crown attorney - Mute Torturer
Shithead - Hammer's medic
Stinky "Just a guy"
Lars Patrol Leader in the Tories
Jack In Lars' patrol

Marquess III - Owner of Hatfield House
Eats-Enough - III's butler. Head blown apart by Preen the Squirrel
Crine - III's mother. The mad witch of Hatfield House.
Brace - One of III's men with a 8-month pregnant wife. Killed by the Luton Janissaries.
Chin - One of III's men. Owns a sharp pitchfork Gunned down by the Luton Janissaries
Liz-liz - Brace's pregnant wife.
Corbett - III's guard
Foster - III's Guard

Barker - Weaver Bird's cook. Enjoys a good pork filet.
Isle - Barkers adopted 12-year old daughter.
Prim - Survivor of the T-Bone Massacre.
Twiglet - Weaver Bird's Manager
Joe's Girl - Former member of the Church of No Future

The Barnfields - Social undesirables blamed for many of Hatfield's misfortunes.

Rotschild the Fox - Leader of Janissary party. Shot repeatedly by Hammer.
Preen the Squirrel - Janissary sniper. Taken out by Chaplain
Clarion the rabbit] - Eerily attractive adjutant to Janissary. Throat sliced open  by Hammer's machete
... the Badger -  Janissary heavy weapons specialist. Gunned down by Chaplain.
Riccara the Rat - Janissay Captive

Mayor Grome - Mayor of Welwyn-Hatfield.
Rum - 8 year old boy living in Chaplain's highrise.

H - Prophet of the Church of No Future - Based in the Odeon
Roarke - H's faceman.
Ruby] - One of the girls from H's No Future Saloon. Killed by Isle(who was protecting Prim at the time)

The Crowd - Coming up from the South. Settled on University grounds.

Jeanette - Leader of the incursion from the South, captured by the Tories. Will probably talk.

Sun - Leader of the  Buncefield Site.
Shazza - Guard at the Buncefield Site

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Re: Characters
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Updated list of characters to take into account the events of last night.

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Re: Characters
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Isn't Chin dead too?
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Re: Characters
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He is now!

I also added some more people to the list.

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Re: Characters
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Added more people.