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I know some of you are doing this this year, and whilst I am not (I struggled with my dissertation and that was only 10k words) I thought people might like an area to talk about/complain/word count what they are doing (obviously not giving away plot secrets).

I am sure someone will add on what this is for those who don't know (something about writing a 50k word story/piece in the space of the month of november).

I know how hard this is, so an area of support and praise for you brave brave silly people :P

Good luck!!!!!!!

My only real issue at the moment is that I want to continue a novel which is on my old computer that crashed, and thanks to Windows it's awkward to retrieve unless I can find the original reg. no. although the hdd is probably fine. So I'm a few days behind, but I'll catch up! Have typed 3k words in 3 days, but it's on Middle-Earth and doesn't count.


Nick G:

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The Age of Seekers rule book and/or plot doesn't count! :P

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