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Guild Wars!

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For those who play, used to play or never have but want to, Ben and I (and I believe Sam C for the first time) are going to start wading through Guild Wars the FIRST (ie Prophecies) all over again - this is hoping my shiney new lap top does what it is supposed to do and plays the game when it arrives.

Who is with us!?!

If you don't have it - get it! It should be quite cheap to get a hold of...

£14.99 for the first 3 games

and the most recent release of Eye of the North seems to only be £2.99 atm!

These are long games. There's lots to do/see/collect. And game play is FREE FREE FREE!!!!! No pay monthly rubbish.

We should be on most tuesday evenings at the very least for bad guy killing fun and saving the world!

Guild Wars 2 out next year! *Bounce*

Good morning Mazzie, do you have your new toy yet then?

No, should get here tomorrow!! I shall sit and stare out of the window allllll day until it arrives :D I can't wait!!!

Guild tag is ISoL for 'In Shadow of Leaves', for I am epic in my pretentiousness and translated Hagakure. I think it's either Snow Gudrunsdottir or Melanine Amheru who is my primary character.

Very nice.
Will have to install it first!


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