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Loan of a weapon


Hi there LARPers!

I have had a request from my mother (school teacher) if I could get my hands on a machete like weapon for her school play. Lol. Sounds like the nativity is getting interesting this year. Obviously I think she wants a fake one.

Does anyone have an old larp sword/machete they are not worried about lending to Bishop's Hatfield Girls school for a play or two?

If it gets knackered there will be compensation.

Andy McD:
But surely a machette would be better then a larp one. Keep them in line :P

Don't have a machete, but I do have quite a few swords if that's OK?

It's not needed till Easter time (maybe some rehearsing beforehand).

I'll check if a sword is ok. Cheers Ben!

I've got a large surgeon's saw - it's actually a good fit for a machete in size and shape but it does have a serrated edge rather than a smooth one...


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