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Andy McD:
Would people be willing to recommend books for others to read. No need to write a huge review just a few lines to get people hooked.

Anything by Brandon Sanderson (including his bits of the Wheel of Time - they're better than Robert Jordans!).

Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained (Peter F Hamilton) - Intersolar Commonwealth of planets linked by Wormholes. Construction of the first faster-than-light spacecraft to investigate an event which has caused a solar system to vanish. Conspiracies, terrorists and war.

Song of Ice and Fire (George R R Martin) - Medieval fantasy based around civil war in the continent of Westeros. Politics, knights, murder, feuding noble families and the war for the Iron Throne.

The First Law Trilogy (Joe Abercrombie): Low magic fantasy series. Puts some interesting twists on the classic fantasy tropes. One of the main characters is a disabled torturer, enough said.

Ken Follet - deep plots with engaging characters!
The Pillars of the Earth - Building a cathedral in medieval times...but so much more.
World Without End - Sequel of sorts to above book- same town, lifetimes later.
A Place Called Freedom - A Scottish miner believes there must be more to life...and goes to look for it.

The Forever War series by Joe Haldeman. F War- About interstellar war and the psychological effects of time dilation and space travel. F Free - Sequel to War. F Peace is about remote-controlled robots that screw up the emotions of the soldiers.

Old Man's War by John Scalzi - In the future, retirees can join the army and get new bodies to fight interstellar wars against many aliens. For some the transfer procedure doesn't work...

Starship Troopers by John Heinlein - Classic hard military sci-fi. More political and philosophical than the movies.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - Bright children get taken to 'battle school' to learn how to fight in zero G. Ongoing war against the bugs.

The science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett - Good basic scientific knowledge presented in parallel with a Discworld wizards story.

Death's Head by David Gunn - Bleak future military sci-fi. A half-breed human leads a squad in various conflicts in space. Quite violent.

Spiral/Quake/Warhead by Andy Remic - Military Sci-fi - A solider fighting in the war against an army of necroti man-bug hybrids.

I have most of these so if you are interested let me know.


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