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The true and complete story so far.


The story begins with Xeno, the promising, yet rebellious,  scion of a wealthy merchant family. Instead of taking up his place in the family business, he decides to take up the study of magic instead. With the help of the best mentors that money can buy, he finds himself in possession of considerable magical powers.

The one day, he hears about the horrors threatening the world, and decides to gather a stalwart band of adventurers around him in order to save the world. He discovers Hawke the Warrior, a diamond in the rough and Sanguinus, a valiant, if misguided, Paladin of Morvenna. Together, they set out to find out what is going on. Some girl of criminal proclivities insist of tagging along.

Xeno bravely leads the group as they are ambushed by scaly humanoid creatures, and blasts one of them to a fleshy pulp with a bolt of pure magical energy. Unfortunately , he is deserted by the criminal at a crucial moment and cut down by a cowardly lizard-man. Thankfully, Hawke and Sanguinus prove their worth by (a)hacking the offending creature to pieces and (b) healing Xeno with the power of Morvenna.

The thief is still lost!

Last night opened with the predicament of Wesley, Cleric of the god of Etiquette, being trapped underneath a smoldering beamin a burned out inn. Apparently, he had tried to drink himself to death when the inn was attacked. Unfortunately, as he was trying to drink himself to death, the specifics of what happened to the inn was not clear to  him.

Hawke and Sanguinus manage to lift the log off him, while the wounded Xeno selflessly keeps an eye out for threats.   Freed, Wesley tried to call on the favor of his god to heal the wounded Xeno, but it was obvious things were not great between the Cleric and his God. Still, Wesley did decide to bury the dead, and was repaid with THE SUN GOING OUT AND ZOMBIES ATTACKING US!!!!, another hint that having a cleric who has mortally offended his god , tagging along with us is not such a great idea.  Still, thanks to the resourcefulness of Xeno, the bravery of Hawke, the resolve of Sanguinus, and Wesley's god deciding to show some mercy, we survived yet again.

An eventful session.

The ghost of a paladin is encountered and dealt with. Sanguinus takes the dead paladin's oath and thus puts him to rest. Unfortunately, this more or less commits us to destroying the evil in Sawtooth hall.

Xeno's grievous wounds are healed(yet again)! A joint effort by the Priest and the Paladin restored him to his old self, after which he decided to share his vast knowledge of apocalyptic eclipses with his compatriots. A lengthy rant about birds flying across the sun and the approaching end of the world follows.

The journey to Sawtooth hall is uneventful. We then stumble across a ritual performed by evil goblins. The thief warns the party of soul-traps, and Xeno, in an attempt to explain the subtleties of soul-trapping to his less magically competent friends ends with him inadvertently activating the trap. He falls down to the ground unconscious. Wesley, the heroic cleric of civilisation then decides to loot the body of his fallen comrade to search through Xeno's spellbook for secrets. Of course, such knowledge is too much for lesser minds such as his and he too falls unconscious to the ground. 

Meanwhile, Hawke and Sanguinus launch a valiant attack against the evil goblins. Blows are traded back and forth and one of the goblins undergoes an eldritch transformation becoming a giant goblin! Our two warrior-heroes, however, are unfazed and press the attack.

Xeno and the larcenous Wesley find themselves in a giant soul trap made of calcified blood. Magic permeates the area around them, and Xeno calls upon his powerful magics to blast his way out of the the trap.


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