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The Nate Lohr Reports
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Report #1

My Lord Locke.

I have arrived safely in Yewtide and made contact with the group you have heard of. I shall return to the individual members in a moment. You will recall I mentioned we were travelling about some kind of flying ship. I can now report that there is little of interest here. I have taken the opportunity to question one of the creators while feigning sickness. While an impressive mode of transport, it is little more than a craftsman's trick. A clever use of a relatively commonplace form of magic. The artifact which "powers" the ship could have it's effect replicated by any pyromancer from what I have been told. I have not risked probing the artifact myself as there is a pyromancer aboard the ship as well as a mage in our group and I do not wish to risk undue attention. I have, however, taken the opportunity to learn as much as I can about the ship should it become necessary to your plans that I should acquire it.

As to our mission, I have not had the opportunity to discover much more than I was already aware of. From what has been described to me it sounds as though the events described could well be the awakening of further golems (having questioned my companions it now seems clear that they are being truthful about their previous experiences, I know you were concerned that this could all be some form of hoax on the part of the Black Council).  It also appears likely, although not yet certain that the artifact which was recovered may be the Form of Life. If so then this mission could be even more important if it will lead to the other four artifacts. Mention was apparently also made of "He" by the golem which the group encountered north of Blackbridge. I am aware of this reference but do not recall if anything more specific is in any text other than vague references. However if I encounter a golem it may be worth the risk to attempt to speak with it. It may provide valuable insights into the golems. More that could be gained from a lifetime of study. Forgive this speculation my lord. I know that you do not find it helpful. I merely wish to consider all possibilities.

I am sorry that I do not have more to report at this time. I will be taking the opportunity to learn as much as I can from my companions. It is almost certain that there is further information which they have not shared with me, a stranger to them. I will be taking every opportunity to play the role of the faithful, scared servant to gain their trust. There follows my initial impressions of the group members:

Valmir: Can be safely disregarded. Noteable for his knowledge of the skyship but otherwise of little use that I can see at present.

Tobias: Probably the most dangerous member of the group, apart from the mage. Did not respond well to being addressed as a lord. May be that most rare of things, an honorable man. Flattery is not the answer

Jerico: A trader at heart. Money will motivate this one.

Arsha: In my opinion the most dangerous member of the group. I cannot say how powerful she is but the presence of a mage may mean that one of your rivals has an interest here. Unfortunately the best source of information in the group. I must be wary around her.

Malik: A man who keeps his own counsel. Can probably be disregarded as hired muscle and in any event has only joined the group recently.

We now travel to Ferside.

I shall continue my reports as arranged.

As always I serve and obey my lord.

Nathaniel Lohr.
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Re: The Nate Lohr Reports
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Report #2

My Lord Locke.
My apologies for not updating you on our progress sooner. However events have been moving quickly of late and I wished to see how matters developed before reporting.
We are currently en route to a Forgist monastery near Four Hills. I should report that the current war with the Verger clans appears to have taken a turn in favour of the Clansmen. From what we have been told it seems that Fermount is is under attack, possibly under siege. Four Hills has been evacuating civilians however, this may mean that the way North will be much more difficult.
I provide this information only in the event that it becomes important to our mission. I know that you do not wish me to waste your time with irrelevancies.
To return to our mission I have a potentially very interesting development to report. It appears that another artifact may have been discovered. Possibly by the Forgists at the monastery we are travelling to. Arsha, the mage we are travelling with has begun to experience strange dreams, as has the pryomancer Cord. We have also discovered that the senior astropath of Lady Apalpion at Four Hills apparently committed suicide. All these indicators, together with the lights in the sky (which were red, I do not know if this has any significance) yesterday evening suggest that another artifact has been activated.
What is possibly of even more interest to you my lord is that, before she died, the astropath at Four Hills appears to have uncovered a previously unknown artifact name. The Glass of Stars. I have taken the opportunity to “appropriate” the books she was studying just prior to her death but have not had an opportunity to study them further. If my lord has any information on this artifact which you would be able to share I would be very grateful. It seems too coincidental that this would be the artifact which the Forgists have discovered however I know that I should be prepared for all possibilities.
I am also aware of the fact that when the Form of Life was discovered there was a golem present. As I mentioned in my previous report I believe it would be valuable to attempt to communicate with a golem if the opportunity presents itself. Unless my lord feels that would be an unwise course at this stage I will assess the situation once we arrive.

However, with that in mind, I return to my “companions” who I mentioned before. My concerns about the elementalist Arsha appear to have been unfounded. She told me that she is an untrained mage who failed to complete her training and travelled north to remove herself from some of the influence of the Three Stars. This could be untrue but I have seen nothing that suggests otherwise. While she was unconscious at one point (her own doing, not mine) I took the opportunity to search her pouch and found nothing suspicious. From what I have been able to sense though, she does appear to be quite powerful. I am considering whether her power may be sufficient to hold a golem, at least for a short time, to allow me to speak with it. She appears to be a person of great loyalty to her companions and unless I can find a way to convince her to do this (difficult as the amount of power required would almost certainly result in a coma or death on her part) I may need to put myself in harms way in order to properly “motivate” her. A risk, and not one I would take lightly. However the potential reward may be worth it if the circumstances are right.
As to my other companions I have little further to report at this stage. I have made some progress with Cord, the young pyromancer, however his bodyguard prevents me from properly speaking to him. As Cord represents my only way of controlling the airship should it become necessary I may need to arrange for his bodyguard to “sleep” for a time in order that I can speak to Cord. I suspect a friend of a similar age would be welcome to him. I shall report on any progress I make.
I would be grateful for any information or instruction which my lord feels would be useful. Otherwise I shall act as I think best.
As always I serve and obey.
Nathaniel Lohr.

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Re: The Nate Lohr Reports
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Report #3

My Lord.
I must be brief as time is now running against me. I do not know when I will be able to communicate again. We have made it to Fermount but the size of the Verger army is greater than we could have believed. We barely reached the castle with our lives.
Although I am happy to report that we have managed to secure the Shard of War, I was unfortunately unable to communicate with the Golems who seem to have been guarding it. The opportunity did not present itself.
I now fear for the safety of the Shard. As I said, the Verger army appears to be far more powerful than we could have imagined and they also seem to have numberous flying Drakes. I fear that it may only be a short time before they overwhelm Fermounts defences. I shall do everything I can to protect the Shard and I do have a plan which I have some confidence in.
I shall communicate with you again as soon as am able, if the god sees fit to protect me.
I serve and obey
Nathaniel Lohr