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Autumn 2012 - Grand Kit Swap/Bring and Buy?

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So, with Maelstrom winding up this September, I have found myself looking a giant pile of kit that i don't have much need for; and a mental list of kit that i will probably need for Empire.  As i can't be the only one in this position, i thought how about about we organise a grand swapping session when this summer season ends?  Even those of you that don't play maelstrom, if you larp regularly i am sure must end up with random bits for characters that are dead or some how never got played....

What I thought was we all bring along bits we want to get rid of, make a giant pile, then grab bits we do want, and anything no-one wants and the owner doesn't want back can go to Ben for Age of Seekers generic kit for the kids maybe?

Obviously more expensive things like weapons or armour people might want money back for so i think still bring those bits but keep them seperate?  Then no-one has to feel they were made to donate more than they gained, and if no-one can afford them at a price the owner is happy with they can just take them away again to be ebayed or whatever.

Will organise a date and venue nearer the time but thought i'd put this up to judge intial enthusaism and remind myself if i forget.

Non-larpers obviously welcome, everyone needs fancy dress outfits after all!

Sounds like a brilliant idea - if you like we could use Verulam as a venue to spread stuff out more - and I can tell the kids to come and bring money!

Sounds like a plan!

I think it might be more useful if Verulum was the second phase, or if we grown ups got there prior to the boys, as the vast majority of my kit is girl-orientated so would prefer the other ladies to get a look through it first (as they might use it as originally intended and some of it's quite nice) before the boys get to massacre it....  As something tells me not many of them want fitted dresses and they'll likely get hacked up into "robes"..

Oh yes, i think ben was suggesting that larp adults got a different start time to the others and the boys came in later, but it means maybe people like Joe and Tom other larpers from 'outside' could come along too maybe. It also gives the parents (and kids) a chance later to see people in kit perhaps so they know what sort of things they should be aiming for... I know you were thinking a small swap, but I see a potential for making it into a good larp/rp promoting event. Maybe some table top short game running in a corner. Sorry, I just remember my dad taking me to Wargames fairs and seeing people dressed up and doing mini table top games. Can charge entry to raise money for AoS too... Sorry, I suddenly have big plans :P Boredom will do that to you... aaaand now comes the cake and tea stand idea *face palm* ... as if I won't have enough on my plate at home already. you've created a MONSTER!!!!


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