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Hey guys,
For a year or so now I've been going to a small linear LARP system (designed for newbies). Once a month each month.
It's completely free, great fun and the people are awesome.
Definitely a good place to start LARPing or just good for people who want some fun.
They have an event going next sunday, its a one day event, free, based near biddlesden (30 mins up the A1)
 I will be going and I am happy to drive up 4 other people in my car as well.
Would be great if I could get some new people into LARP :)
Please let me know if you're interested.
This is their website:

Looks cool, have a good one.
I will be reffing for kids at Ben's LARP that weekend.
Let's hope the weather is kind!

On the website it says the last event was 1st july and the next is the 20-22nd?
Also, may be ref-ferizing at an event (as  I said yesterday), but I might come to a future event.

I'd heard about that one vaguely too...
Definitely be up for going sometime if someone else is!

Normally it is the first sunday of every month, but randomly they're holding an extra one this coming weekend as alot of people weren't free last weekend.
The one after that will be the first Sunday of August :)


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