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As some people will be aware ('cause I've been frothing about it a bit), I have ordered me a shiny copy of W20, and I'd quite like to use it, but I'd rather be able to run a game at mine.

So: would anyone be interested in attending an oWoD Werewolf game either weekday evenings or perhaps a weekend daytime in Knebworth?

I would potentially be interested in this, haven't played the D10s in a while, and they're getting abandonment issues.
However my availability is probably quite limited. On the other hand, if a couple of people from St A wanted to come/go, I'd be up for lift-sharing.

So, as of asking about this evening, I'd say there were at least 6 people interested, without even having asked everyone!
Sunday afternoons-ish seemed to be a main consensus, or at least weekends, as evenings are so variously populated.
It's a start, I believe?
Also, nice to meet you, sir.

And you. :)

Six is probably a little too many, but that sounds good.  And Sunday afternoon is doable.  I will endeavour to get some plot ideas a little more formed.

Well it's more just to prove that people are willing to brave the wilderness of North(ish) Herts. :P


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