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Welcome to the Current Pub Games section!

Here you will find (hopefully) information relating to the present rotation of games in play.

Use the board assigned to your game to post anything you might find to do with your game.
References, plot synopsis, diary entries, character backgrounds, images, whatever!

If you are running a game and there is not yet a board for you, please just post it here and one of the Admins will conjure one from the ether.
Or simply interweb pixels, if you prefer.

If you are thinking of running a game and want to test the water, head on over to the Possible Future Games page, and the same applies!

Ok, April 2013 is looking something like:

* 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars - Dag
* Airship Pirates - Andy Mc
* Changeling - The Seeds of Winter - Ben C
* Itras by - Jon
* Rogue Trader - Chris
* Third Order - Pete
Drop a note in here if you need anything updated, and may the dice treat you well!

It's that time again!
The September 2013 line up:

Blades of the Forgotten Ones (Raurie)
Don't Rest Your Head (Jen)
Freemarket (Adam)
Itras By - (Jon)
Only War (Roger)
Third Order (Pete)

Should be about right I hope, good luck everyone!

Welcome to January 2014:

* 7th Sea - Notty
* Agents of Swing - Jenny
* Edge of Empire - Chris
* Pathfinder - James
* Trail of Cthulu - Andy

Andy McD:
Do we have any idea when this current run will finish?

I don't want to kill off my players too.... I mean finish too early :P


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