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Possible Future Games
« on: 22:22, Monday 07 Jan, 2013. »
Welcome to the Possible Future Games section!

Here you will find (hopefully) information relating to stuff that might happen. At some point. In no rush.

...and some things…that have not yet come to pass."

You can start a thread about what you might want to do, or if you prefer, we can set up a whole board for you to organise yourself with.
This can be for fishing for player interest, making some notes, checking for advice, or anything you might find to do with your game.
References, plot synopsis, diary entries, character backgrounds, images, whatever!

If you are already running a game and want to have a board for it, that's cool too, just let us know.
The Monday night Pub hosted games are found in Current Pub Games.
Alternatively, if you play some other time of the week, there's plenty of space on the Current Other Games page.
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