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The Vauderie

In the centre of the room, with the pack gathered around, Father Boneyscrap places a simple folding table.  Upon the table, he places a pure white cloth, an antique straight razor and a metal chalice.  As he lays each item upon the cloth, he pauses to offer up a solemn silent prayer.  This done, he turns, sweeping his gaze around the room.

"Lift up your hearts."

"We lift them up to Caine," the pack responds together.

"Lift up your minds."

"We lift them up to Caine."

"Lift up your souls."

"We lift them up to Caine."

Picking up the chalice, Father Boneyscrap begins to recite.  "In the First Nights, there was but one.  Caine, the Father of all who now walk the night.  Caine, the Brother who struck down Abel of love.  Caine the son who chose his own path over subservience and repentance.  Though we are of may bloodlines, we stand unified in this."

He hands the chalice to his Ductus, then turns back and picks up the razor.  He holds it out, blade first, and asks "From whence does your blood flow?"

"From Caine," comes the sure answer, and the Ductus holds out his wrist above the chalice.  With a deft slice, Father Boneyscrap opens the Ductus' wrist and watches the blood flow.  Almost immediately, some of the precious vitae begins to drip from a tiny hole in the centre of the chalice upon the concrete floor.  The Ductus wtihdraws his wrist, passes the chalice to his right and accepts the blade from his Priest.  Turning to the Canite next to him, he asks "From whence does your blood flow?"

And so the chalice passes around the room, and eventually back to Father Boneyscrap who, after adding his offering of blood, places the chalice upon the pristine cloth and lays the bloody blade next to it.

"Pray, brethren that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to Caine the Father."

The pack responds "May the Father accept the sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and Glory of His name, for our good and the good of all his Holy Sword," as a hint of red blood begins to appear beneath the chalice.

"Let us give thanks to Caine, our Father."

"It is right and just."

The red stain beneath the chalice grows as Father Boneyscrap continues to speak, mingling with the drops of blood fallen from the blade.  He lifts the chalice high above the table.

"Take this, all of you, and drink from it.  This is the chalice of my blood, the blood of the new and eternal covenant which will be poured out for for you and for many for the washing away of sins.  Do this in honour of me."

Together, all the pack recite the next lines.

"We proclaim your Death, o Father,
and profess your eternal Unlife,
until you come again.
When we drink this Cup,
we proclaim your Death, o Father,
until you come again.
Save us, Master of the World,
for by your Blood and Curse,
you have set us free."

Lowering the chalice to his lips, Father Boneyscrap takes a draught of the consecrated vitae before passing the chalice to his packmate.  To the left this time, the chalice retraces its previous path, with each Canite drinking of Caine's blood.  Finally the Ductus drains the last of the pack's offering.

Father Boneyscrap accepts the chalice, places it back upon the blood-stained cloth and begins to recite a passage from the Book of Nod.