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Father Boneyscrap's Journal
« on: 17:57, Sunday 27 Jan, 2013. »
I'd been drifting around Oklahoma for a few months when the message came through calling for my presence in Vancouver of all places.  My first time leaving the US in my fifty years of existence was to be the call of an official Sabbat mission organised by the Bishop of Vancouver - Bishop Thomas.

I made my way north in a car I aquired from the same mortal I drained for the vitae I needed to keep me sustained for the trip to Vancouver.  I arrived on time at the logging camp the Bishop had deemed would be our gathering point.  Soon I was standing with several other Children of Caine awaiting the ishop's presence.

Our ductus was to be a Toreador calling himself simply John.  With my knowledge of the secrets of the Book of Nod, I made an obvious choice for the position of pack Priest.  The remainder of the pack consists of five other sworn members of the Sword of Caine - A former priest by the name of Reverend Liam Thompson, an Asian canite, likely Malkavian calling himself Kim Jong Ping Pong, a nomad by the name of Greyson, a hunter calling himself Joey 'The Solution' and John's companion One Eye.

Bishop Thomas did not keep us waiting long.  He explained that we were to be the vanguard of a Sabbat effort to gain a foothold in Australia.  Our task was to investigate the city of Perth, discover who has a foothold there, and lay as much groundwork as possible for those brave Children of Caine who will be following us.

Following our briefing, I led the new pack in the Vauderie, binding us together in Caine's Sacrament.  While this was going on, the Bishop's servants prepared a Fire Dance for us.

The dance was as eventful as these things often are, though no-one died.  John fell full into the fire, and Ping Pong, Joey and Reverend Thompson had to help him out before the fire claimed him.  By the end, the rest of us had cleared the fire, some more singed than others.  Rev Thomson faltered initially, but recovered his nerve and jumped as successfully as the rest of us.  One Eye cleared the fire with most style, closely followed by Ping Pong, albeit in the latter case, his style was very unique.

After the Dance, we settled down to make plans to get to Perth.  Kim Jong Ping Pong offered to smuggle the first wave of us across, then Joey, John and One Eye would come across later once John has had a chance to heal the injuries he sustained during the Dance.  There was a slight altercation between John and Ping Pong during this session, so I insisted that we perform the Vauderie again before we went our separate ways.  That done, we made our final preparations and set off for lands anew.
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Re: Father Boneyscrap's Journal
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We arrived as planned at the docks just outside Perth, and aside from my temporary failure to conceal my face from the mortals we were travelling with, things went smoothly.  Greyson had travelled out before us by plane, and Rev Thompson and I met up with him while Ping Pong went off with the mortals.  Thompson and Ping Pong both seem to be a little too attached to mortal company.  I may have to talk with them in due course.  Caine did not seek out the company of the children of Seth.

We met Greyson in a place called the Collonade, and discussed what he had found during his time in the city.  He had encountered another Canite, likely a Gangrel from the description, in one of the city's parks, but that was all.  He had also established that two areas, Parkwood and Lockridge are aborigonal ghettos, and none to friendly to white-folk.  May have to watch them for a while then see if I can assume a more accepted face.  Not a priority immediately.

We met up again with Ping Pong in a up-market bar in the Collonade, where a possibly Chinese woman seemed to be paying us quite a bit of attention, though that may have been because Greyson did not quite fit the model of their clientelle.  May suggest we try to track her down again at some point.  Perhaps a suitable task for Joey.  Then we moved on to Rev Thompson's new haven.

Thompson's servants had acquired a run-down chappel in a run-down area called Beckenham.  He seems to want to restore it and use it as the hub of a cult.  He offered me the option to sleep there while I sought a haven of my own.  Eventually I found a run-down abandonned house to my liking a little further north in Queenspark.  Will want to make a few adjustments in due course.

The other group were due to be flown in as repatriated corpses, but were held up by a bomb scare at the airport.  No bomb found, and no-one's entirely sure who planted it.  Probably important.  They arrived a night late.  I'm not sure whether One-Eye was being overly defensive of the Ductus' authority, Rev Thompson was being too quick to try and assert his or the Ductus needs to be more assertive.  Probably a combination of the three, but it turned the pack's reunion into a pissing contest.  Ping Pong suggested we renew our Vinculum, speaking my mind, and so we did.

If Thompson can be weaned off his attachment to Mortal values, he might make a good Ductus.  He's certainly sensible and careful enough.  Not quite yet, though.

Once things had calmed down, we each headed out to investigate the city further and see if we can make contact with the local Canites.  My own efforts were stymmied again by my failure to conceal my true face with my powers.  I fear that is going to come back to bite me soon enough.  I clearly need to practice using my own powers before getting the Ductus to spend some time teaching me new ones.

Either way, I eventually got to the bar at the Collonade - closed - then made my way toward the nightlife.  Along the way, I found myself being tailed by a Canite matching Greyson's description of the gangrel he encountered in the park.  I led him into an alley and introduced myself.  He is named Harry, and suggested I should introduce myself to a 'Baron Whittaker' at a bar called Angelas.

So that, having contaced my brothers, is where I am headed.

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Re: Father Boneyscrap's Journal
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Without clear leadership from the Ductus, an overprotective retainer and another seemingly suitable for the task, things could get interesting....

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Re: Father Boneyscrap's Journal
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You're right, Ping Pong in creary grorious read material!  ;)
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Re: Father Boneyscrap's Journal
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Andulaz, the bar I was heading for turned out to be relatively easy to find.  A fairly upmarket Spanish bar/restaurant with a function room upstairs.  I decided that being circumspect would be unlikely to be useful, and so I headed over to the security at the door and asked to introduce myself to 'Mr Whittaker'.  I was permitted upstairs shortly.

I was met by a Canite calling himself Sprent.  He led me through to meet the Baron.  There were six other Canites present, including the Asian-looking woman who saw us on our first day here.  Baron Whittaker is an apparently quite old Canite who claimed to have been in the area since the founding of Perth.  He was willing to allow me to remain, in return for a service - planting some drugs in one of the aboriginal areas to cause trouble for a hostile group of Canites amongst them.  He will arrange for the drugs to be supplied.  Supplier is near Rev Thompson's church.  Will need to advise the others to be cautious.  Also discovered that Friday nights is a meeting for the local Canites where they can all air their concerns and decide on actions to take.  Would likely be a good starting point for any assault attempt.  Level the building, or send in half a dozen shovel-headed shock-troops with incendiaries.  Will discuss with the others, primarily Joey.  He's possibly already thought of it.

Afterwards, I spent some time talking to two of the locals - the Asian woman is likely a Toreador, named Penelopy (Penny), while she was speaking with another, likely a Canite named Anders.  Anders warned me about 'The Howlers', a mysterious foe on the outskirts of the town, who destroy Canites who stray too far out.  This may cause a problem for any invasion plans.  Anders specifically asked about travelling companions, so I decided not to lie, though I didn't mention specifics.

Headed out and called to meet up with the others the next night.  We agreed that Greyson, Ping Pong and Rev Thompson, having been seen, would also introduce themselves while the Ductus, Joey and One-Eye would stay out of sight.  I went with them for that and Sprent seemed to accept the idea that I'd not mentioned them the previous night because I had misunderstood the Baron's questions.  He may now think I'm an idiot.  Don't really care what he thinks unless we can convert him, but he has status here.  Probably won't be willing to trade it in.  The others have been tasked with finding out where a number of illegal immigrants are disappearing to.  May help them out with that if I have time.

The rest of the night was collecting the drugs and doing some low-risk scouting of the perimeter of the m target area.  With Canites in the area, I can't be complacent, but the task shouldn't be too difficult.  I'll be sure to have an exit contingency ready.