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Post Apocalyptic Mage: The Broken Earth


A post apocalyptic Mage game I am thinking of running at some point.

The Broken EarthThe world has been shattered. You don't know how long ago, but you know magic must have been involved. Unfortunately those people who are left know that too. And you are a mage.

There are sixty of you all told. Mages and their children. Living in an underground silo obviously meant to hold hundreds if not thousands. You don't like to think about that too much, and you try not to look at the buckled bulkheads, the smashed machinery, and the empty corridors.

But even the silo is better than the frozen wasteland of the surface, the things that lurk in the snowstorms. Anything is better than living under the Shattered Sky.

Travel is rare, and where would you go if you did leave? Mages are hated, blamed for some long-forgotten catastrophe. Those who travel to other settlements find no welcome, only worried looks and signs of relief when the trading is done. Some have spoken of spitting hatred and hands grasping makeshift weapons.

And then there are those unlucky enough to come into their power among other humans. Your people help where you can, but you are only a few and isn't your energy better used to survive anyway? So often the only sign of anything amiss is a face missing from the crowd or crude slogans daubed on a wall and studiously avoided by mage and sleeper in favour of strained politeness.

This is your home. Welcome to the Broken Earth.

Sounds pretty good to me. :)

I'm sold.

Also sold!! :D


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