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Ars Magica/Feng Shui Cheltenham calling all Magi & anyone who can tolerate them


The folks running Grand Tribunal are an easygoing, funny & imaginative group of people who were very welcoming to me last year.  There's a choice of activities in most slots and Feng Shui, Unknown Armies and Rune are being discussed in addition to Ars Magica adventures. If you want to run something, that is welcomed too.

They need more players for 17 August as they've had a group cancel and written a freeform live for 3 more players than are booked! No prior knowledge necessary. Cost is £18, £15 if you need the discount. Location is pretty Cheltenham and plenty of local knowledge is available. They will consider well behaved children, it's sited in a community centre. More information available at

Three of the writers who write the real books will be there:
CJ Romer (A paid parapsychologist)
Sheila Thomas
Neil Taylor

Atlas Games usually send along some unique item which you can enter to win for £1. Last year it was an embroidered cloth table banner.  Some players fly over from Viking lands.

Enough drum banging from me - happy to answer any questions but so are CJ, Andrew et al directly.

Andrew Sceats:
Hi folks, it certainly would be great to see some new faces at the Grand Tribunal. We are, I think, a pretty friendly bunch, and we will make you welcome whether you are a complete newcomer to the game or a well-seasoned Ars veteran.

The convention will kick off on Saturday morning (we do social stuff on Friday evening) with a freeform for twenty-one players (with an optonal twenty-second character, just in case). This year's freeform is called A Quiet Night In, and has a slightly unusual - for Ars Magica, anyway - set-up. No prior knowledge of the system is necessary, and I can supply a brief Bluffer's Guide which is easily sufficient to make the freeform playable.

I have been to the last five Grand Tribunals, and they have always been tremendous fun.


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