Author Topic: What happens in Mel Dak Tar, stays in Mel Dak Tar.  (Read 1670 times)

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What happens in Mel Dak Tar, stays in Mel Dak Tar.
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This time round will be a 'static urban' setting in so much as the mainstay of the story will be based in 1 place, but that place is a massive (billion people) space-city.

Campaign overview:

The United Colonies of Humanity have reached peace and an amicable trade agreement, but only just. The rogue, fascist human state of New Toronto did it's very best to disturb the talks (which were held on a neutral Protectorate world). The diligent work of United Colonies starship crews flushed mercenary elements out of surrounding systems, but Hargen herself escaped capture. Intelligence reports indicate that she is making for Borax Trade Union space, in particular Mel Dak Tar.

The United Colonies have put together a crack team to take a frigate into Borax Trade Union space. You will be that crack team. The ship dubbed the Fist of Earth, recently built in orbit of New Pacifica, is the height of human engineering (100 year old Borax engineering). Its mission is to head to Mel Dak Tar and root out the New Torontan forces there responsible for the attack on the peace talks. Reports indicate that Rachel Hargen is a powerful psychic and extremely dangerous.

Mel Dak Tar:

The vast interstellar space station that is known as Mel Dak Tar began life as the Stellar Artisan, a second rate citadel ship plying the forgotten trade lanes of space. In the Second Order the Stellar Artisans ruling consortiums decided that their routes were no longer enough to sustain their infrastructure. Going against tradition, and to some extent Charter Law, the Stellar Artisan left it's trade lane and headed towards the more profitable regions of space near the Protectorate and Independent Space. Arriving in an unclaimed system the Stellar Artisan stopped and set up shop. The citadel ship would never again engage its tachyon field and travel between stars. The change from backwater lost territory lanes to the centre of a bustling, resource-rich region was a welcome one.

The system was smack in the middle of many minor trade lanes and travellers from across Three Species Space quickly heard about the citadel ship that stayed in one place. The Stellar Artisan grew swiftly, swifter than normal citadels, and soon became a vast super-station. A hive of activity and the centre for many interstellar corporations the facility is not just vast, but also extremely well defended. The station is also permanently grafted to a giant asteroid, which served as an escape 'vehicle' for a colony of hundreds of thousands of Cho'Rixx in the Second Order War.

Today in TO 79, Mel Dak Tar is one of the largest permanent trading locations in Three Species Space, a beacon for traders and merchants and home to a billion souls. This, unfortunately, has led to an increased interest by organised crime syndicates, pirates and petty thieves. There is much good, but there is also trouble as comes with any large community. Anything can be found in Mel Dak Tar, if you're willing to pay the price. It has become something of a law to itself, although it is technically still tied to the Union Charter the corporations that reside there constitute an extremely powerful economic entity. Therefore Mel Dak Tar has much sway over local Borax Trade Union politics, something the local consortium heads are not pleased about.

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