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House Rules
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Because I like to be clear on the rules, and I don't like all of the rules in the book.  Read if you care.


Quote from: W20
Spending a point of Willpower on a roll adds a single automatic success.

Quote from: Me
Spending a point of Willpower adds three additional dice.

My reasoning: I don't like the idea that spending a point of Willpoer can guarantee you will succeed on a roll, even a difficulty 10 roll.  This rule makes Willpower more varied - it may add more successes than the old system, but they are never guaranteed.

Frenzy Checks

Any time a Werewolf rolls Rage, if they get 4 or more successes, they Frenzy, regardless of why they were rolling.

Quote from: W20
A werewolf with less than 4 Rage cannot normally Frenzy (unless the succeed on Remaining Active, below).

Quote from: Me
A Rage roll is always considered specialised for the purposes of Frenzy only.  So you double 10s, but the extra successes only affect whether or not you flip out and start killing everything.

My reasoning: This makes it possible for less Rageful werewolves to occasionally still frenzy.


Quote from: W20
Every '1' rolled removes a success, but you can only botch if you do not roll even a single success.

Quote from: Me
Every '1' rolled removes a success.  you botch if you get more '1's than successes.

My reasoning: It's how I've always played.  People botch more, but I'm not always as harsh on them.  On occasions, I will ignore a botch, treating it as a straight failure if I so decide.

Damage and Healing

Remaining Active

Once per scene, if rendered unconcious, a Garou may spend a point of Rage and roll Rage to try and remain in the fight.  This can allow a werewolf to survive otherwise fatal injuries, and almost always results in a battle scar.  It always results in a frenzy.

Quote from: W20
If a blow would drop you past Incapacitated, and damage beyond Incap. is ignored.  The Rage roll is made at difficulty 8, and each success heals a level of damage, starting from Incapacitated.

Quote from: Me
The Rage roll is made at difficulty 5, but successes must first heal the damage which took you past Incapacitated.  If you don't get enough successes to push past Incap, you die.

My reasoning: However pissed off a werewolf is, they shouldn't be able to Rage out of having their head cut off.  Sufficiently massive damage should still be fatal.

Damage and Unconsciousness

Damage is ordered.  Aggravated is more sever than lethal is more severe than bashing.  You should similarly order the damage on your character sheet, such that the least severe form of damage is sitting at the most severe level.  Thus if, you had taken a level of lethal, two of bashing, then someone winged you with a silver bullet doing two levels of aggravated, you would mark on your sheet the two aggravated levels at the top, then the lethal, then finally the bashing damage.  Healing happens from the bottom of that stack up, so the bashing damage would heal before the lethal.

If you reach incapacitated, the type of damage in the box for incapacitated is important:

Bashing: You fall unconscious in your current form.  If this is a form that regenerates, you can heal a level of bashing or lethal a turn until you regain consciousness (roll x + y, I'll look it up if it matters).  Otherwise, see lethal.  Any further bashing damage you recieve converts a level of bashing damage on your sheet into lethal.  If there is no more bashing to convert, you die.

Quote from: Me
Convert up all the excess bashing damage you can into lethal before making a Rage roll to remain active.

Lethal: You fall unconscious in your breed form.  If Metis, this works much like bashing.  Otherwise, you will heal one level of lethal damage every eight hours, and may make the roll to try and regain consciousness after each level of damage is healed.  If you take any further damage, you die.


Quote from: W20
If you cannot succeed n the Remaining Active roll, you die.

Quote from: Me
As lethal, but without the slow regen.  You will either need mystical healing or a long period of intense medical care to recover even one level of damage and attempt to regain consciousness.

If you take any further damage you die.

My reasoning: I don't like the idea that it's impossible to render someone unconscious with aggravated damage.  Of course, with my rules on Remaining Active, if you took even a single extra point of damage in that attack (or healed a single fewer levels with your Rage roll), you would be dead.

Stepping Sideways

In W20, werewolves once again require a reflective surface to enter the spirit world.  Furthermore, I am ruling that the object you are using to step sideways cannot come through with you even if it is dedicated.  Carrying a small mirror for emergencies is probably not a bad idea but you probably don't want to use it as a first recourse.