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Five Cities Campaign - Spring 2014
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Campaign blurb:

Tomorrow will mark the Drawing, the point sixteen days before the firing of the Forge of Usion when the official festivities begin. Every smith in Blackbridge will strike his forge at noon when the Apalpion trumpet sounds from the black tower. According to the holy texts of the Forgist Church, four sets of four days will pass marked by ceremonies to test the skill of the cities smiths and invite the blessings of Usion upon the city.

This is the height of mercantile activity for the year and the dawning of a new year in the Forgist calendar. Thousands of travellers will enter the city to trade, as the city’s smiths enter into impromptu competitions of skill and artifice and their results will be some of the finest weapons to grace a forge for the whole year. After sixteen days millions of gold coins will change hands on the streets of Blackbridge.

In response to the influx of traders the noble houses of Blackbridge have put their estates on display, showing off their wealth and opulence on a scale reserved only for the firing of the Forge of Usion. Banners and soldiers line many of the streets of the inner city, surrounding the markets and stalls with pomp and finery. Travellers enjoy the additional decoration, but the smallfolk of the city see it as a reminder of superiority.

With the events of the Drawing, Quenching, Tempering and Forging in the coming days the Strykers of the city are busy managing public areas and working alongside the Noble Houses forces. Even with all this added military presence the city population is massively swollen, allowing the less scrupulous members of Blackbridge society to increase their activities.

As usual some soothsayer prophesies that the forge will not fire, but the commonfolk laugh and point at the last thousand years. However, this year the fates have aligned and for the first time the firing of the Forge of Usion coincides with the traditional new year of the Atanian calendar and a full moon. Now the soothsayers believe that something even worse is afoot, and that perhaps the spirit of Atillum does not rest easy within the earth.

What does that mean for the players?

This will be an urban campaign mostly (the odd adventure into the wilds), but mostly within the city of Blackbridge with a mixture of action, intrigue and weird stuff. A VERY brief background is here: