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LotFP Campaign
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There are normal people in the world: Shopkeepers, craftspeople, farmers and scholars. They get up in the morning, eat breakfast, work, eat, drink with their friends and go to sleep every night in the arms of their loved ones. The world is filled with them. They seem happy.  Some days, you even speak with them. If they are touched by the darkness in the world, it is brief, and their instinct is to retreat back to their normal little lives.

This game is not about them. This game is about you. You are far from normal. For some reason, you are one of those people who think that going down into dark caves, ancient ruins and moldy tombs filled with creatures of nightmare, is a career option. For you are willing to risk your life for whatever rewards these places hold. Knowledge, gold, and possibly enlightenment, is gained only in the face of the horrors of the world, and you are ready to face them. Your reasons are many, was it disgrace in a far-off land, a tragedy in your past, or perhaps just some deep-seated congenital pathology that pushed you into this life? It does not matter. All that matters is that you are willing to kill and risk death in the darkest places on the earth.

So you find yourself at the entrance to yet another complex of tunnels. The cloaked stranger of last night is revealed to be just another apprentice working for yet another master as he drones on about the importance of the ancient scrawlings on  the stone pillars marking the way. Your head is bursting with a hang-over, and the taste of vomit flavours every breath as you stare into the darkness and wonder what awaits you inside the cave. You raise your eyes to the mountains and the distant obsidian spires of the lost cities of the ancients. One day, you will steal the secrets
of the those towers, but today…

You are robbing a tomb.

You are probably going to die there.

Game run using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing rules (LotFP) which really are only the rules from Basic/Expert D&D from the 80s with some tiny modifications to make them more ...streamlined. This is D&D from the time when Elf was a class.  The rules are simple. Expect character death.

You can download a free copy of the rules here:

It is art-free which means that you will not want to claw your eyes out, which is a side effect of most LotFP products.
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