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Abimelech of the Silver Skulls
« on: 12:22, Tuesday 08 Jul, 2014. »
Your Dread Imperial Majesties, Noble Lords and Ladies, My Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to introduce the inaugural speech  of the new Archmagister of the Grand Imperial Colleage of Thaumaturgical Arts. I still remember the day when the young not-yet-a-magister Abimelech arrived to these very halls, a young child of peasant stock , deposited here by superstitious parents who feared and rejected him.  As I recall, he was a quiet and unassuming child, someone you would not expect to grow into such genius as is presented to us today. While the young Abimelech excelled at all the sorcerous arts, his primary interest(and it was through this interest he came to my attention) lay in the metabiological foundations of magical practice. I still fondly remember the eagerness in which he assisted me in the cranial dissections of former, dearly departed,  colleagues, and the childlike fascination he had with the craniognomical malformation so often found in our noble profession. This was a study he would devote years to, and which led to his initial recognition. His magisterial theses on the  differentiation between halfling and human craniognomy using markers of magical memorization, while controversial, greatly contributed to our understanding of how exposure to magic impacts these two races.  His subsequent work on the extradimensional nature of magical energies was groundbreaking, in particular identifying the extradimensional resonance points of humans, dwarves and elves. His subsequent foray into metaphysics, positing the soul as  as a cerebral points of extradimensionality, led to the conclusion that halflings do not have a soul, at least not in the conventional sense.  The riots that followed the publication of these findings is yet another testament to the great impact his work has had across all layers of society.
His current research programme focuses on providing evidence of a physical extradimensional space which is malleable to the manipulation of magically charged brain matter, in particular the possibility of allowing several layers of dimensional space to coexist in the same point in space. It is possible that this phenomenon can explain the symptoms of the terrible blight-induced afflictions that plague so many of our profession, and it is to this end that his first Arch-Magisterial sabbatical will be taken at the Asylum in Blightmouth. We hope that this posting will be fruitful.

I also hope that you will join me in offering our most sincerest welcome to my personal friend and colleague, Archmagister Abimelech of the Silver Skull.