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Smoke and Starlights UK Tour: The story so far...
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(Vaguely from the perspective of Aarzam)

Rocking Soho

  • Playing first set - strange flame at the back of the room, end the set and head backstage
  • Strange flame-thing is a strange bird-thing that has a message for the band from a guy called Brimstone - bird seems to be getting more aggitated
  • Played second set - cheered as we leave the stage, was a great gig (note: cheering because we left)
  • Drive to Brimstones place
  • Llama friend has hots for prostitute outside of Brimstone's place
  • Brimstone asks us to get Sabretooth Tiger teeth from Natural History Museum - so rock and roll!!! \m/

The National Museum Gig

  • Llama hits on prostitute
  • We leave Brimstones and head to the Museum
  • We head to the service entrance, some of the guys disguise us - I'm bad at it so don't try
  • Octo-boss convinces the help at the museum to let us in - something about a gas leak
  • Two of us peel off to scope the Tiger room, I stick with Octo-boss as I don't want to get in trouble (again)
  • Something about lasers in the glass - I don't see it, sounds shiny though
  • Octo-boss convinces security to open up the Tiger's case as that is wear the leak is coming from
  • Security opens the case - dragon-friend tries to do a shock to make it look like gas explosion; it doesn't work so I knock the guard out instead
  • Bird-man pops Sabretooth Tiger head off and hands it to me
  • We run screaming about a gas leak and it going to blow - dragon-friend gets me to set fire to a storage closet
  • We break out of the front door, run to the van and drive to Brimstones
  • Llama hits on the prostitute
  • Brimstone surprised about us bringing the whole head - he takes teeth and does something to them
  • Brimstone asks me to come to this cot-thing with a body in it - it looks dead - and put clamps on my wrists and makes my wrists hurt a lot! :(
  • When Brimstone is done the body wakes up - apparently he's some sort of warlord
  • Brimstone gives us a coin each which can grant us a wish - I need to thing hard about what I want

Smoke and Starlight does Glastonbury!!!

<placeholder for when I get time>
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