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Felicity says there might be a sequel to this - presumably to find the actual demon.

We played a group of Magi living in a Covenant in Verulamium. Asked to help solve unfortunate happenings at St Albans Cathedral, we tracked down the master builder who overspent and left walls to crumble. He was in London, working for a noble who had a demonic aura outside his room but seemed extremely likeable. The noble was then so scary our Tremere broke her leg jumping out of his window.

Meanwhile Christoph's giant Mage, whose servants laughably hated him, managed to find a large noble wife. This was his main aim in London, never mind demons!

With various players including me missing different sessions, we did some letter writing, book swapping and set up spies to observe this dodgy noble. We next had to travel to the Wizards' Tribunal to see that all was done justly. On the way we aimed to meet a Criamon covenant, but eventually tracked them down to an Infernal regio (area). They tried to kill our Tremere who had just led them into the Infernal regio (bad thing) or could it be someone in her likeness? Her grog took the arrow and died hard. Eventually, she found the way out while we persuaded the other Magi not to kill her yet. My mentor, another Criamon, was frozen indicating he'd been thrown into Wizard's Twilight. He could be away some years so we left him stuck in the Infernal regio.

The Tribunal was now mostly about proving her guilt or innocence. While trying to establish innocence, she rolled a critical fail and asked how she could contact local diabolists... However, some intrigue and truth spells later she was mostly ok, just not trusted. To help the wizard left behind (my mentor), a spell to find the way out was enchanted into an item to leave with him (Similar to my suggestion of inscribing directions on stone). I'm quite pleased we solved the last part of the plot.

Moral of the story: Take Demon's Eternal Oblivion as a spell. And Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie, or possibly Whispers Beyond the Black Gate. It can be fun to kill first and ask questions later.


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