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Advice please, RP system choice
« on: 18:15, Thursday 27 Aug, 2015. »
I need help choosing a roleplaying game system for a game starting Monday 7 September. I welcome any advice on which would/wouldn't work well for spirit characters. I'm considering In Nomine (like Clare's game), WOD Wraith (would need to buy/borrow this), Savage Worlds, D20 or Feng Shui, but other ideas welcome.

The system needs to be:
  • adaptable to handle characters being immaterial, able to float through things etc
  • allow for or be adaptable to advantages and disadvantages
  • not too rules heavy for skill use
  • adaptable to handle some physics (there will be anti-gravity, explosions and time travel)
  • not put off players

The setting/character limitations:

The characters have already died, but like many others their souls escaped into another dimension. Or continued existing in another dimension. They quickly floated out of Earth but remained in its gravitational field. Passers-by welcome them to Nova Rome. The biggest of many homes built by humans in space, Nova Rome is famous for its market where angels and devils alike trade. Your news from Earth is a currency there.

You can move aetherstuff and craft with it. The ability to move real things is rarer. You are a unique pattern like a snowflake. You're made of tiny bits of antigravity (which explains why the Milky Way has less weight than expected). Nova Rome requests that you don't walk through walls if there is a door.  Each area has its own kind of snobbery/fashion.

Heaven and Hell are nearby but going near Heaven is unbearably bright and near Hell is horrendous screaming. Re-entry to Earth is tricky and dangerous. It's possible to enter these during play. A sort of Wild Hunt travels around Earth, composed of various wild intelligent animals (ravens, apes, crocs...). Travel between different time streams is possible, but accurate arrival is hard. This is a sci-fi with legendary aspects.

Players will have a choice of using stealth and heroism, time travel or politics to deal with the Brethren of the True Rose, the population problem and a few misbehaving demons.

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  • That's me making a rare visit to Earth
Star Wars for Afterlife
« Reply #1 on: 22:50, Thursday 03 Sep, 2015. »
After garnering suggestions and reading various PDFs, I've picked Star Wars (Saga Edition). Most of the Jedi talents could be done by manipulating gravity, so it doesn't need a lot of modification. There are also rules for Force Spirits. Scoundrels, Scouts, Nobles and Tech Specialists also work, and I plan to add artist. We'll use the talent trees with some substitutions.

There are destiny points to help players and multiclassing is fine. It mainly follows d20 rules. If you take the ability to move material items, your droids could be satellites or made from satellites...