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State of the Club 2015
« on: 10:17, Monday 30 Nov, 2015. »
Hello All,

Well, what a year we’ve had! As we near the end of 2015, our 15th year of the club, I thought it would be good to reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead to 2016.

Some great games have been hosted and the ranks of the club have swelled. I think we consistently have around 30 people of an evening. It’s great to see so many people getting involved. This means we’ve welcomed some new members. It’s great to have you all as part of the team!

As our group continues to grow it gives me a personal boost to see the club prospering and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all of you for making Monday nights something to look forward to.

It’s great that the club is growing beyond our original concept of a few people gathering to quaff a beer and throw some dice. However, as we’ve seen with the forum and the Facebook page it takes more than one person to organise, comment, feedback and generally herd all you crazy cats.

As we move into 2016 I propose that we should move to having a small group of people officially running the club. I’m not going anywhere, but it would help me if there were a few more people making sure that if we can’t meet, or there is an event, that the club as a whole is notified.

Therefore, I would like to set up a committee of 3-5 people who would run the club, make announcements, organise events and other such activities. I think there is scope for us to expand the club further, work with other clubs in the area and even organise yearly celebratory events.

If you would be willing to help run the club (I know some of you do contribute considerably already) please let me know. I’d like to have a list of people lined up for the next change over, so that we can have a club vote before GMs pitch the next round of games.

You can post here if you’re interested, or email me at

This brings me to my last acts of tyrannical dictatorship!

1.   We need to set a date for the next change over. Please let me know if the 4th of January is too soon for you to return from the real world! If too many people can’t make it we’ll start on the 11th. However, for now pencil the 4th in your diary. I’ll make a facebook event once we have a clearer idea.

2.   I believe that we’ve been running so long and have so many great players that the time has come to hold an event to celebrate us! April 30th 2016 is International Tabletop Day next year and I thought it would be great to host a mini-convention in a hall in St Albans. If you have any ideas that might contribute to this please let me know. I will be investigating the Fleetville Community Hall as a starter for 10 and talking to Chaos City Comics and other clubs in the area to see if they want to collaborate.

So, lots to think about for this festive season. Stay warm, roll dice and drink beer!



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Re: State of the Club 2015
« Reply #1 on: 17:20, Monday 30 Nov, 2015. »
Yep, a committee sounds like a good idea and I (Gareth) would love to be a part of it, in what capacity I don't know though.

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Re: State of the Club 2015
« Reply #2 on: 23:37, Wednesday 02 Dec, 2015. »
I don't think that the club needs any kind of official leadership, it's done well enough without it so far. We normally can work out what we need to do by having a little chat, and in emergencies we can normally communicate well enough to work something out (although the few times the Swan did the fun 'Surprise shut because of no owner right now' was challenging).

For a mini-con we'd probably need something more as that's bigger and more money-ie, but I don't think that would necessarily have to extend beyond the con organisation. Same if we wanted to pay money for somewhere as somebody(ies) have actually got to take the financial responsibility.

Main thing is not to get too stressed about it. I'm sure we'll find some compromise that most can live with enough to enjoy the games. We survived through the year or so where we were all spread out to different people's houses, I doubt it'll get that complicated again. If people did want some kind of leadership I'd like me or Sam to be involved.

- Adam