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Very Important Message


Hello All,

Another important message for all of you.

So as we’re all aware there have been a few weeks when we have not been able to game at Number 23 and we’ve moved to a nearby pub. Following these elsewhere sessions a few of you have said to me that a permanent move would be good. As there were only a few voices I have not followed up on this. However, it now seems that this must be discussed.

Today I received a message from Glyn, the Owner of Number 23.

“Hi guys, I'm really sorry to do this as I love having you at the restaurant, but unfortunately the amount you are spending only just covers my costs, some weeks it costs me money to host it.”

There was a bit more. He has boiled it down to a few options for making things continue to work at Number 23.
• Minimum spend of £8 per person (food + drink)
• Reducing the staffed hours to 3
• Using just the back room and opening the rest to the public

He also says that if we have any other solutions he’d be glad to hear them.

I know that some people will have objections to some or all of the above points. Some people won’t. I want to hear what people think about this.

An alternative is that we could relocate to the Goat Inn. The manager was very happy to have us the few times we have been there and said that we would be very welcome on Mondays if there was ever a problem.

It is a shame that the arrangement isn’t working for Glyn in its current fashion. It is really nice to have our own place. However, I don’t want there to be barriers to people enjoying themselves at the club, as that is what the whole thing is about.

Perhaps a new location such as the Goat would be a bit more affordable for us and not have the same potential restrictions?

Please let me know if you think a change to the way we do things at Number 23 would work for you. Or, if not, an alternative that might work for ALL of us.
I know that this can be a sensitive subject for some, so please be nice!

It seems that I proposed a committee just a few weeks late!



I reckon we should give The Goat a shot.

As you say, they've been welcoming before, and to me it qualifies as a devil we know (and potentially quite like  :))

Reasonable drink range (alcoholic & other). Reasonable prices (for St Albans  >:()
Also, space to spread out - I've found No. 23 a bit noisy when we have a full night.
Parking's as good as anywhere probably (London Road & Keyfield Terrace car parks)

I believe they do not do food on a Monday but mentioned we could have Pizza, sandwiches, etc. That would need checking to see what was OK (I suspect bring 'snax' like crisps, etc would be frowned upon since they sell them).

Wherever we go next, probably best not to be too committal in case it goes tits up and we want to consider elsewhere.

My 2penneth

Pete (without beard)

Cross-posting for people don't look at the Urgbook group (which you can look at with joining their cult). Mainly because I think that includes my GM.

--- Quote ---Hello all!

 Well, thank you all for the lively debate about our future. It's nice to see that the club means so much to everyone.

 As a temporary measure we will, from Monday 7th of December, move to the Goat Inn.

 This seems to be the most popular option currently.

 Once the committee is in place, in the new year, alternatives can be investigated (if necessary).

 Thanks again for your thoughts.

 We look forward to seeing everyone at the Goat on Monday.

 Please spread the word to your groups!



Also we're definitely having a committee, apparently. I reckon it should have around 30ish members.
--- End quote ---


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