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Clearing Out


I have not been larping in years, so I have decided to clear out some of my stuff.  This includes an assortment of junk which I'm happy to give to anyone who will take it out of my house, and a longer list of weapons, armour and costume which I would like to sell.  Since I've not been LARPing in a very long time I don't know how much most of this would be worth new, so it's a case of please give me a sensible offer.  The weapons are all still safe, but some are looking a bit the worse for wear.  Pictures are linked to at the bottom of the post.

For sale
40" weighted bamboo-effect staff
38" wood-effect staff.
Matched pair of 36" weighted swords
Matched pair of 'dagger' scabbards to fit the swords.  One scabbard needs riveting back together.
26" weighted mace
60" staff with metal shod design (SOLD)
22" axe (SOLD)
28" weighted axe (SOLD)
19" weighted dagger
18" dagger
48" two-handed sword
4" part scabbard (fits the 2-handed sword quite well)
Metal belt loop
30" decorated round shield with centre-boss grip
31" by 20" oval wood effect shield with arm grip (SOLD)
Riveted Aluminium chain shirt 29" armpit to armpit, 31" shoulder to waist.  (was £200 new,  so £100 min offer seems reasonable)
Black suede tabard with shoulder guards and metal studs.
Black leather helm with metal plates and moveable face-guard (with the face-guard down, it is good for keeping glasses on)
Pair of black leather braces with sheepskin-effect padding (SOLD)
Pair of brown leather with boar decoration 19.5" max leg circumpherence.
Pair of green woollen hose (quite narrow)
Black tabbard with spider-web decoration
Black robe with spider-web and red spider decoration
Blue cotton tunic
Long red robe (hand-washing strongly recommended)
Long brown robe
Brown tabard with gold trim and a cut diamond emblem embroidered on the front
Green canvas rucksack
Yellow canvas knapsack

Free to a good home
Tub of small red glowsticks
bag of assorted snaz, spray, brushes, sponges etc
Assorted mismatched gloves
Wooden smoking pipe
Black leather pouch (quite battered but serviceable)
Large patchwork cloak
Beige-green army surplus shirt
Lace-up front shirt.  Originally white, now slightly pink (see red robe above...)
Sheepskin-effect jacket, minus one arm.


I've also found a camping stove which I inhereted from anohter LARPer some years back.  Let me know if anyone's interested.


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