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Sky Realms
« on: 13:48, Friday 15 Jul, 2016. »
This is a project I have been working on and off for a while (kids!), and is still a work in progress. Designed as a sandbox world, but for the purposes of this group and play testing I am writing an adventure for the realm of Lorn.
The rules and world are both homebrew.
The aspects of the world are on my wiki which is still in progress and regularly updated and added to.

The rules are few and leaning more towards the story elements of an RPG rather than just combat and stats. Combat is quick and very dangerous. No hit points here, you take a bad hit, you may die or end up missing bits, but it's about describing the action.
No rounds, initiative order, attack actions or move actions. You tell me what you want to try, roll and either succeed, partially succeed (my favourite) or fail. As the GM I roll no dice but NPC's and monsters have abilities that can effect the result of a roll.

I want to test my system out and let people into my world.

So I'm putting the feelers out and seeing if anyone in this group is interested. I had fun last time I played in this group, but it's a bit of a trek if no one wants to play my game.