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Blades in the Dark (including map)
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I gather that there was some interest in Blades in the Dark on Monday, but ultimately no takers  :'(.

I am still interested in running this. If there are any players not currently committed to a game who would be interested, let me know via this thread or PM.

At the moment, I am hoping to run at the club on Monday evenings, starting on the 18th September when I am back from holiday, I may be able to run on weekends if there is demand.

I will run with a minimum of three players and up to five.

Let me know if you are interested by either replying to this post or messaging me via the forum.

Some details on Blades in the Dark are on the Evil Hat website

Character sheets, crew sheets (what type of scoundrels are you?) can be found here:

Quote from: My original pitch

A game about daring Scoundrels on the haunted streets of Doskvol, seeking your fortunes in the criminal underworld.

The world is in perpetual darkness and haunted by Ghosts after a cataclysm a thousand years ago which shattered the sun and broke the Gates of Death. Doskvol is on the coast of Askvos, one of the Shattered Isles ruled over and protected by the Immortal Emperor.

Doskvol, like all the cities of the Imperium, is encircled by crackling lightning towers which keep out the vengeful spirits of the deathlands. The city is a twisted combination of Venice, London and Prague during the latter days of the age of steam. It is crowded with row-houses, twisting streets and criss-crossed with hundreds of little waterways and bridges. There are trains, steam-boats, printing presses, simple electrical technology, carriages, and the black smog of chimney smoke everywhere.

To power the massive lightning towers, the titanic metal ships of the leviathan hunters are sent out from Doskvol to extract electroplasmic blood from massive demonic terrors upon the ink-dark Void Sea.

You’re in a haunted Victorian-era city trapped inside a wall of lightning powered by demon blood.

And you are a group of daring Scoundrels on the haunted streets of Doskvol, seeking your fortunes in the criminal underworld.

There will be a map. A large map.                                                                                           Maybe too large.
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