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March 1622 - Paris
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Bishop Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu shall be ordained Cardinal of France, there will be a public parade and festivities held in Week 1 of April for all Parisians to attend. This coincides with the birthdays of the Kings brother, Gaston, Duc de Orleans and the Queen Mother, Marie de Medici. A ball will be held in Week 4 at the Palace Le Louvre celebrating the occasion, all nobles may attend.

Applications for the positions of Brigade Major, Regimental Adjutant, Aides to Brigade Generals and Lt Generals, and Captains of the Colour Escorts may be made next month for appointment in May (influences apply).

The Inquisitor General seeks to appoint two new spies to ferret out enemies of the church.

Dowe, Cheetham & Howe: Moneylenders
The moneylenders are open for business. All loans are available for 6 months at 10% interest.
Los de Marbles borrowed 500 Fr, debt will be due September 1622
Benedict D’Over borrowed 300 Fr, debt will be due September 1622
Louis Chassez des Damsels borrowed 500 Fr, debt will be due September 1622
Jacques Desmarais borrowed 50 Fr, debt will be due September 1622
Arnaud d’Ammer borrowed 300 Fr, debt will be due September 1622

Doctors Jekyll & Hyde: General Practitioners
There are no characters registered with the practise.

Attending to duties
Los de Marbles applied to join the Royal Horse Guards but his application was refused based on a lack of cavalry experience. Devlin Carnate purchased the rank of Captain in the Crown Prince Cuirassiers. Louis Chassez des Damsels was recruited as 3rd Officer aboard Le Cochon Noir. Jerome de Landes was recruited into the 27th Musketeers, not being able to afford to purchase rank he spent his whole month dedicated to military training on the fencing field and shooting ranges (rapier, pistol +0.25). His captain refused to let him ride an officer’s horse and for the cheek he was confined to barracks in the fourth week. Jacques Desmarais enlisted with the Royal Marines, he spent the final weeks of the month training with his cutlass in the brigade barrack yard (cutlass +0.5). Arnaud d’Ammer applied to join the Kings Musketeers but failed to pass selection on social grounds, he was told bluntly that he wasn’t fit to scrub the floor, much less guard the King!

Having failed to court Hazel, Los de Marbles moodily spent his second week at Les Chevaliers des Blancs Manteaux fencing school (rapier +0.25). Whilst there he met briefly with Benedict d’Over who was venting his own frustrations and the two shared their common zeal for revenge (sabre +0.25). Fortunately he did not cross swords with Louis Chassez des Damsels who was there in his final week (main gauche +0.25).

There are no characters studying at the Military Academy, Royal College of Surgeons or at a seminary.

Parisian life
Although many of the new arrivals in the city chose to stay and settled into new lives, three young gentlemen chose to return to their family homes in the country after briefly scouting what Paris had to offer. Nicolas Ledoux, Jacques Tout a la Trump and Forlonne de Derriere may yet be seen on the Paris social scene.

Full of the joys of spring, Los de Marbles soon found himself admiring the young ladies of the city. He purchased a huge bouquet of flowers and many little gifts with which he hoped to win the affections of Hazel. Unfortunately, Loya Lamorte had similar designs upon the fair lady’s grace and both young men met upon her doorstep the same day, equally intent upon their shared goal. Young Hazel, quite overcome with surprise swooned in the doorway, heightening the quarrel between them. They tried to shove each other aside to attend to her only to have the door closed on them by Hazel’s father, who angrily told them they should sort out their differences elsewhere! Los de Marbles and Loya Lamorte must duel for the lady’s affections next month.

Jacques Desmarais was more fortunate when he visited young Polly. Being a simple girl she regarded the brusque, young peasant boy, as holding a certain rugged charm and, despite his lack of gifts, was pleased to join him for a walk around the city. Being a girl of means she showered Jacques with gifts unlike any girl he had known before her. So taken with her company was he, that they spent the second week together and her affections were returned in kind.

Fair young Marie was also in great demand. Widely rumoured to be amongst the most beautiful women in Paris she drew the young men to her like moths to a light bulb. Devlin Carnate, Benedict d’Over and Louis Chassez des Damsels were all caught in her thrall. It had been her choice in the first week to visit the royal parks, where the men practically fell over themselves trying to gain her attention. Louis’ beautiful pearl necklace and the earrings that Benedict gave her were tossed aside like dirty laundry, as their bickering reached new levels, drowning out Devlin’s four piece string quartet. Quite unimpressed, Marie departed alone leaving the men to sort out their differences. They must duel each other in turn next month. On the basis of previous discourse Devlin Carnate and Louis Chassez des Damsels will settled their duel first, the winner will then duel Benedict and the final duel of honour will take place thereafter. Any man injured in the initial duels may of course withdraw honourably and undertake the challenge in May.

Undaunted by the sheer embarrassment of his first courtship, Louis Chassez des Damsels chose to turn his attentions to Mo Sketier, a highly desirable and affluent lady of Paris. Being a pious woman, Mo attended church, and the two met after Sunday service. Louis courteously offered to walk her home and the two fell easily into chatting about Parisian life until Devlin Carnate stepped into their path. Unabashed at their competition earlier in the month, the two men found themselves once again at odds and poor Mo fled the scene to her carriage in tears. They will have twice the honour at stake for this insult to a lady!

Equally unperturbed by his failings Loya Lamorte returned to the doorstep of Hazel, but since he has yet to settle the matter with Los de Marbles the gifts were wasted and Hazel’s father refused him admittance.

Arnaud d’Ammer was seen in the second week, carousing the taverns of Le Passy. After having spent a good length of time flirting with the wenches, he moved on to Red Phillips where he tried his hand at the gaming tables, placing four bets in total. He won twice and lost twice, breaking even.

The third week saw a splendid party burst into life at the naval merchant and investors club, La Glorie. Louis Chassez des Damsels was throwing his money around and found opportunity to relax in the company of Los de Marbles, Loya Lamorte and Benedict d’Over, who all drank at his expense in the opulent comfort of this exclusive club.

Devlin Carnate, deeply disgruntled by Louis’ apparent social harassment dropped his standards, amongst other things, and headed for the brothels. There he drowned his sorrows and was graced with favours, the like of which only the Pink Filly can provide. So deeply did he partake in his entertainment whilst surrounding himself with the working girls, that it became a great amusement to one of the fellow guests, his own colonel (gains level 3 influence).

There was an incident towards the end of the month outside the Frog & Peach, whilst a cart load of cheap claret was being unloaded. Devlin Carnate was arriving at the club, escorted by Benedict d’Over, when two men accidentally dropped a barrel from the back of the cart, narrowly missing the captain and ruining his new uniform. Benedict challenged them for their misdemeanour and the men apologised profusely, before making themselves scarce. The act proved a minor embarrassment for Devlin as he lost face with his own colonel who, after meeting him the week before, had chosen to grace the party at the Frog & Peach, keen to see how this fresh young captain would fit amongst his junior officers. Despite the claret soaked attire, the colonel was pleased to learn that this loyal son of France would make a fine cavalry officer, as Devlin gave all his guests a free spin on the roulette wheel. Also in attendance was Los de Marbles who easily lost his 25 Fr bet at the tables, Loya Lamorte who managed to win 25 Fr, and Benedict d’Over, who decided to throw a substantial amount of his own money into the game and walked away 87 Fr richer. Loya, however, imbibed a little too much wine and started dancing on the table doing a striptease. Shocked and appalled at his behaviour, the watch were summoned and he was quickly manhandled out of the club, fined, and thrown into the Bastille. He later gave confession to a priest, who on the basis of his good church conduct, persuaded the guards to release him.

Caught at the Palace Le Louvre
There are no characters entitled to attend the Royal Court, although any of noble birth may attend the ball in Week 4 next month.

The Royal Society
The next gathering of the Royal Society members will be held in Week 2 of April. A treatise for membership has been submitted by Louis Chassez des Damsels.

The Paris Council
The next council election will be held amongst the nobles and gentiles in December 1622. There are no current royal petitions.

Patrons of the Arts
Louis Chassez des Damsels hired a play-write at great expense to begin preparing a new drama production. The play does not yet have a title but it is rumoured to be a tragedy and has been commissioned for a period of twelve weeks to write!

There are no artists or inventors currently under commission.

The Theatres
There are no current theatre productions.

The Royal Theatre (owned by Princess Louisa de Brittany) is closed.
The Theatre of Paris is for sale: 5000 Fr.
The Pavillion Theatre is for sale: 2500 Fr.

The Races
The Medici Furlong race will be held in Week 2 next month on the Queen Mother’s birthday.

1 Lady’s Chance (3%) 33-1
2 Red Thunder (9%) 10-1
3 Roman Steed (4%) 22-1
4 Irish Son (21%) 4-1
5 Last Man Standing (1%) 80-1
6 Alexander (3%) 33-1
7 Jokers Bet (5%) 20-1
8 Beauchamp Viking (18%) 5-1
9 Lord Gun (12%) 15-2
10 Gascon Boy (16%) 11-2
11 Le Mecure (6%) 16-1
12 Notre Dame (5%) 20-1

Straight from the pulpit
Los de Marbles, Loya Lamorte, Louis Chassez des DamselsJerome de Landes, Benedict d’Over and Devlin Carnate all attended church and are held in good favour.

The Hand of Justice
The is no legal trial pending.

Loya Lamorte was released from the Bastille at the end of the month.

There have been no notable deaths this month.
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