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March 1622 - Military affairs
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France is at peace

All recruiting offices are still open.

Current force organisation, as of July 1621, is as follows:

1st Army
Cavalry Division, Heavy & Dragoon Brigades

2nd Army
1st & 2nd Divisions
1st Division, 2nd & 3rd Brigades
2nd Division, 4th & RNH Brigades

3rd Army
Frontier Division, Frontier Brigades

The 1st and 2nd Armies are currently standing in reserve.

News from the front
There have been no border incursions. France is at peace.

News from the provinces
All regimental commanders have been informed that the King plans to move against the city of Royan this Spring and quell the Huguenots within the city. Regimental commanders may volunteer their regiments for duty (influence applies).

The 3rd Army has been deployed to Royan. This month they are on field operations, moving up the supplies. Next month they will lay the siege, an assault is expected in May.

After arriving in Paris Adam Bombe headed directly to the recruiting office for the Frontier Regiments and was immediately attached to the Burgundy Arquebusiers, 3rd Battalion, 5th Company, headed for Royan. Whilst supplying the forward position the battalion was attacked by Huguenot cavalry and routed from the field. However, not wishing the enemy to gain control of the powder, Adam Bombe had the wherewithal to set a charge amongst the kegs, blowing the main battery sky high, before escaping on an enemy officer’s horse. His name was mentioned in despatches (MiD 6) for swift thinking. He was immediately promoted to Subaltern and made 400 Fr by selling the horse to one of the senior officers.

Daring escapes
There are no characters held prisoner abroad.

Worse things happen at sea
Le Cochon Noir remains docked in Brest and will set sail in June 1622 for a period of three months. The ship will be hunting pirates along the eastern ocean trade routes and may dock in African ports to trade, investors are welcomed.

On His Majesties Special Service
The Inquisitor General is recruiting spies.

The Role of Honour
Adam Bombe has received MiD 6, Subaltern in the Frontier Regiments.
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